Because You're Worth It

The more I hear, “I want to be able to work for myself one day too, BUT…” -or- “I want to record an album one day too, BUT…”

I am finding that my answers are becoming less cookie-cutter and more hardcore (if you will). I guess I’m just sick of the enemy playing tricks on us and we believe Him. Please stop talking yourself out of your own goals and dreams! You feel the urge to fly but you’re too afraid to jump?!?!! That makes no sense people. I’m not saying to take stupid, uncalculated risks, but I am saying that sometimes God is challenging us to step out our little comfortable jobs to chase after jobs within the line of our true callings and purposes. If money is holding you, you have to trust that God will provide. He may even test you…make you take a pay cut on the front end, just to see how you’re going to handle it. If it’s His will, you don’t have to worry about where this or that will come from. So, please people…stop saying “BUT” all the time!! Geesh!!! There is really no reason besides fear holding you back. Romans 8:15 states that, “we did not receive a spirit that makes us a slave again to fear, but we received the Spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, “Abba, Father.” So who are you going to believe? Huh??

Listen up folks, God put the stars in the sky & gave each one a name. He created you and this world carefully, intricately, and purposefully. He is so amazing, our finite minds can not comprehend His magnificence. He sacrificed His ONLY SON and paid a debt He didn’t owe so you could have everlasting life. Yet you refuse to relinquish those things you know He is not pleased with AND soar to reach your greatest potential. Instead of striving, you just still keep sticking to that same old tired mess. You keep saying, “He knows my heart” as an excuse to stay right where you are; to keep doing what you’re doing; to keep chasing after things that God could care less about; to keep from being without that person; to not excel into the GREATEST you possible, and the list goes on.

– if you were born that way… you can be born again.
– if you’re addicted…he can cleanse you.
– if you think you’re happy now, just try joy and peace.
Do not be fooled into thinking you can’t do any better in certain areas of your life. God birthed a purpose into each of us. No one said it would be easy to fulfill it, but He is worthy of your sacrifices to discover your destiny.

None of us are perfect, but start this day by saying, “I AM EXCELLENT BECAUSE I AM GOD’S! and allow that thought process to truly manifest in your life.

Be blessed all. Be iNSPIRED!

*Wednesdays with iNDIGO*

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2 Responses to Because You're Worth It

  1. boldandfab says:

    Amen & Thank you for allowing God to use you to help me this Wednesday;-)

    S. Carter

  2. iNDIGO says:

    Thank you STARR for commenting on my VERY 1st blog post. I love my Bold & Fabulous sister.

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