Cleaning Out Your Closet

Stop being mean, bad-tempered, and angry. Quarreling, harsh words, and dislike of others should have no place in your lives. Instead, be kind to each other, tender-hearted, forgiving because you belong to Christ.
Ephesians 4: 31-32 .

I think about how I sat on the stand in the courtroom & the words “Flowed” from my mouth,”I forgive you and I’ll be praying for you”. I had just told the man that murdered my “ONLY” sibling that I would pray for him and “Most” crazy at that time was “I forgive you”. The same man that I wished death upon several years prior I was giving him forgiveness and promising “Prayer”. I gave my life to Christ when I was thirteen and “NOW” I know that the day I gave my life the Holy Spirit began to “DWELL” in me; therefore, the four years leading up to the trial the Holy Spirit was working in me DAILY. Hebrews 13:5 “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” All those years though I was NOT WALKING with Christ, He was always with me and He was preparing my spirit for that day. For fourteen years I had carried the mentality that if I can forgive and move pass the death of my brother then “I CAN OVERCOME ANYTHING”; however, I wasn’t giving God ALL the credit for what He had done. Two years ago(14yrs after the murder) God placed on my spirit what HE HAD DONE and I began to cry out in praise. I wasn’t just praising Him for my brothers death and how his death “BLESSED” me in a sense but I was praising Him for ALL that He had WALKED me through in the years that passed. God “SLOWLY” walked me through situations that I always tell people should have had me checked in to “St. Elizabeth”. BUT GOD….I SAID BUT GOD!!! Proverbs 26:24 “A man with hate in his heart may sound pleasant enough, but don’t believe him; for he is cursing you in his heart. Though he pretends to be so kind, his hatred will finally come to light for all to see.”

 I felt such a release because I KNOW that over the years people could see the anger/bitterness/resentment I was REALLY holding onto inside and I praise God for releasing it two years ago. Today I have children of my own, that I encourage to “Stop DWELLING on others mistakes and DWELL on YOUR PURPOSE”. I have come to KNOW that through EACH trial God is MOLDING me into His image; therefore, I will be the woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, niece, cousin, aunt, and friend that He wants me to be in my TEMPORARY stay in this world. Today, I encourage you to be like Peter and don’t just forgive seven times but seventy-six times. Our heavenly Father calls us to work actively toward forgiving others and restoring broken relationships. Today people do things to me that I KNOW are lead with evil intent BUT I receive it, pray for them and MOVE ON. God knows ALL; therefore, He WILL deal with them in His time..I just stay FAITHFUL. You see the enemy is the author of CONFUSION so WE all will encounter it in SOME way DAILY BUT WE have to CHOOSE our WALK & stay IN OUR LANE. When you ALLOW anger/bitterness/unforgiveness to DWELL in you, YOU have been conquered by the situation/person your facing. Today THRU CHRIST CHOOSE to forgive because God WILL give you a PEACE/JOY that NO ONE on THIS EARTH will understand. Mathew 6:15 But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins. Today DEFEAT the enemy and FORGIVE….

Forgive “BOLDLY”
Forgive “Fabulously”
Forgive ” Thru Christ”

“Fridays with Monisha”

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18 Responses to Cleaning Out Your Closet

  1. Charmaine says:

    Monisha! I tell you every opportunity again and I will repeat it again! Seeing your growth is not only a testimony for you but a blessing for me. I love what you ladies are doing here and it will truly be a blessing to others! KEEP it coming dont stop now! GOD has so much in store!

  2. Lissa O says:

    I’ve always heard if you cant say amen say ouch……..OUCH…I needed this thank you & God Bless!

  3. I.I. says:

    amen sis…

  4. "Mom Dukes" says:

    WOW! Brought tears to my eyes… I remember the struggles you were attempting to handle on your own all those years… My only recourse was to pray for you… and pray for you… God is TRULY the author of your FAITH, for only the Lord can teach us TRUE forgiveness…. “I will praise the Lord no matter what happens.” Psalms 34:1
    Love you…

  5. Carlisha A Morgan(PROUD COUSIN OF MONISHA CARTER) says:

    WOW! I stand in amazement cousin once again at the work that our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST, has done in your life! I’ve witnessed the growth and KNOW that God has definitely done a new thing in your heart! THANK YOU for being BOLD, TRANSPARENT, OBEDIENT and HUMBLE in your article today! This was a word that touched my heart so deeply, you just don’t know! We ALL need a spiritual butt spanking from our heavenly father once in awhile,and this work of art, did just that to me!! Whatever your struggle was pre-Jesus is always lurking in the flesh, and you know better than many my struggle was BEING JUST WHAT THE SCRIPTURE OF TODAY SAID “NOT” TO BE!! I have to literally crucify that old woman DAILY(sometimes hourly 🙂 ) and FORCE her to line up with the will of God!

    I got your email right on time! The Holy Spirit is SO real and ALWAYS on point! the situaton was causing that mean tempered woman to flair! BUT GOD!!! THANK YOU LORD! through you and your boldness BLESSED AND REMINDED me of what HE expects out of me!! EXCELLENT WORK!!


  6. Cynthia Coleman says:

    Monisha I’m so deeply touched. Allow God to continue to use you

  7. Jaimie Miller says:

    Hey Beautiful Lady!

    When I first saw you on FB I wanted to talk to you so bad but felt like you were in another place in your life and I didnt want feel like I could not fit in there. I actually felt intimidated by your life because I wasnt in that same place, but GOD had someone else that had always been there to move me about an brought me closer to him. I still have a lil work that needs looking into but its ok because I recognize it. That person he used, he now took her out. she’s still here but not in my life. So, today i opened my messages and there you were with Cleaning out your closet which was right on time. I feel that now he knows Im ready and not intimidated anymore by your life but to use you to help bring me closer to him. So, thank you my BEAUTIFUL ANGEL for keepin me in your heart and not forgetting about me because now I need my friend back to keep my head up where it is suppose to be! I enjoyed reading what you wrote and look forward to many more. I felt really good to read something not so perfect but to know you had started from somewhere too.
    Love Always,

  8. Michael (cousin) says:

    You brought my soul mate back to me and she brought this blog go me. We grew old together and when God called Hank home, it seemed to have a hole in my heart as we were twins. You and I were like brothers and sisters instead of cousins. There seemed to be a connection of disconnect as everytime I would visit and see you look into my eyes, it made that hole get bigger and then to see my aunt just wiped me out. But the whole time God was and is being God. You found him first and it took for my friend JC to be called home for me to see God and I realized that yes JC is my friend that I thought he died for me and our closest friends but God showed me his only son Jesus Christ died for me and at that time I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my lord and saviour. HE blessed us with children and soul mates that are the other halves that make us whole. There are the Wise side and I am the James side. There is so much I would love to learn about my family and I hope before this summers out, I can visit my family and and bring my family to learn with me. My glow-worm, one day we will do the kid and play again (soon). I miss all of you and know that there is not one day that goes by where I am not reflecting on all of my memories and praying for each one of you. May God keep you and bless you is my prayer.

    Your Philly Cousin

  9. cierra says:

    Wow!!! This is really touching.Your blog really had me thinking to myself because I need to learn to forgive completly in let things go.

  10. Tricie says:

    Wow, we serve an awesome and magnificint God! His transforming power amazes me everyday. I am truly blessed to have a sister/cousin that has accepted the Lord God as her personal Lord and Savior. Not only has he transformed you but he has begin to unveil the gifts and talents that he ordained for your life. Continue to press toward the mark…….I Love You and I Thank God for your boldness….Cousin you inspire me….

    I Love Your Bones
    Tricie (Smooches)

  11. Lil Tricie says:

    Monisha, its so good too see all my sisters in christ Boldly praising Gods name. Continue to walk in his path I am right beside you….. he that shall endure unto the end the same shall be saved. Matthew 24:13

  12. Lil Tricie says:

    Its so good to see my sister in christ Boldly praising God! Monisha keep walking is name i’m right beside you. He that Shall endure unto the end the same shall be saved. Matthew 24:13

  13. boldandfab says:

    Thank you ALL for taking time to “Clean Out Your Closets” with me THRU CHRIST!!! Thank you for your support & God Bless….

  14. HANK LLOYD says:

    I am your father, when God placed you in my life, you were so precious to me, you were the one that God had told me to not make same mistakes that I made with Little Hank, but when you are trying to clean out your closet, and all the wrong that you have done with your life, I seem to made the same mistakes with you, I needed to have someone in my life to give me the guidance that I was suppose to give to you and little Hank, for this, it has been on my heart for a long time, but now I have peace with myself for letting God into my life, some time it takes bad things in life to happen before you change your ways with life. But God is a on time God and he will forgive you for your mistakes in life, so stay in Gods word and he will never leave you nor forsake you, truth in the Lord with all your heart, and have faith that God can do all things and you will have the life that me and you missed before we gave our lives to Christ. LOVE YOU ALWAYS TO THE END OF TIME DAD

  15. Indigo says:

    Wow sis. Thanx for doing FLASH BACK!!!! U been gettin’-it-in since DAY 1 yo. Bravo and Glory to the King!!!!! Reading back over these blogs touch me in a special place. We’ve stayed the course. Agape.

  16. boldandfab says:

    Thanks for the Flash Back! This was worth revisiting!

  17. Mikisha says:

    Thanks Monisha I really needed to here this today.

  18. DAD( Campus Security) says:

    I Love you Moe. TO THE KING!!!!!!!!

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