Gods "Final Exam"

This is straight spiritual, so for all of my non-believers, consider this:

We sometimes have a tendency to look at secular, real-world situations as separate from the hand of the Great I AM. We like to differentiate between what we do on an everyday basis in our daily life and what we do in our “spiritual life”. I mean lets be real, how often do you ask God for discernment and authority over your sex life, or how many times have you gone to church and thanked God for your 10th grade American Government class?? For many of us the answers are shady. As I sat impatiently, waiting for my kids to finish their final exam yesterday, I began seeing parallels between our “secular” lives and “spiritual” lives, which really cannot be separated. So here’s what I think:

I think that almost everything we do in this lifetime is used as an analogy of what we should be doing in our spiritual pursuits. Take for example the institution of school.

School socializes humans and molds us into intelligent, functional, productive members of society, each class emphasizing a particular life skill. I’ve come to understand that the same holds true once we decide to enroll in and matriculate through the Bethel AME Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints Praise God Hallelujah Mt. Zion Temple University. And not to backtrack, but really, before we are even allowed to enter into “higher learning” we all must go through the seasoning phase of “primary school” where we learn the basic principles of Faith, Prayer, Bible Verses, Songs, Salvation, etc. After we accept Christ as our Savior, is when we’ve been accepted into the University.

Still with me?


In school, we take a plethora of classes, each offering a set of knowledge and skills that either fulfills graduation requirements, or because they hold some interest for us. In these classes, the teacher provides a syllabus with all of their contact information, course requirements, required texts, course calendar, due dates, etc. So let’s pause right here…

Those of us enrolled in God’s University have been given His course syllabus. It looks something like this:

Contact information– “I’m only one prayer and praise away”

Course Requirements– “Follow the lead of My Son”

Required Texts– uhh…yea..His Holy Word

so on and so forth…

I am almost certain you have the ideas already floating around in your head.

My least favorite part of class had to be the lecture portion with group work following closely behind. Some of us feel like going to church is not a requirement of Christianity and I’m here to stand firmly against that ideology. God’s Word forthrightly proclaims that where one and two stand and agree, there God’s presence will reside. So our lecture and group work are provided through our church homes, as we file in every Sunday to get the Word and assignment for the week and fellowship with others in the “class”.

How about this concept of raising our hands?? We have been conditioned to know that whenever help is needed we put our hand in the air and wait for the response. HELLO??? Can we say PRAISE and WORSHIP?? “My hands are lifted up, my heart is ready to receive a blessing from YOU”..

I think you get my point. So what brought me to this thinking was the fact that I was watching my kids take their final and wondering what will God’s final exam look like? Will I be ready? Have I studied enough to pass it or will it be too late? All I know is I want to hear “well done”. Period.

The smaller tests that may seem large to us, often times God will let us re-do them, but the final exam, is just that, FINAL.

Reflective Questions:

Which of God’s class are you currently enrolled in? How well are you preparing for the tests in that class? Are you passing with flying colors or struggling to keep up? Do you need a seat change, because you cant seem to stop talking to the people around you and focus on the assignment at hand? How many years will God have to hold you back?

_April Christina_

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2 Responses to Gods "Final Exam"

  1. Reah says:

    This blessed me alot. I will try to be more mindful of when I don’t treat my salvation with the same respect as my everyday life. Things have to change and soon. Thanks April christine

  2. iNDIGO says:

    I thought I posted a comment to this April. Your BoldFab sister apologizes!!! I read this AGAIN today and I am in awe of your delivery sis.I want to hear “WELL DONE” too. Thank you for being you.

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