A couple days ago, between the hours of 5:30pm and 8:30pm, visitors of “The Bold & The Fabulous” were welcomed with this image…

Being the first to recognize it, but not wanting to bring any unnecessary alarm to the issue, I emailed just one of the ladies (iNDIGO) and was like “Hey, girl.  Ummm…so…our site is down.  It is either because of 1) problems with our site or 2) (the likely issue) problems with the actual webhost (which in this case would be”  iNDIGO and I were probably sensing the same thing at the same time; we found it “interesting” that just a little shy of our first week in existence as an inspirational blog, there would be a BOLD sign that tells visitors “BAD GATEWAY.”  LET ME JUST INSERT THIS FOR FREE:  In short, never get it twisted…the devil is NEVER happy with a WITNESS!!!  The enemy will stop at nothing to prevent the spreading of one’s testimony, God’s love, and Jesus’ sacrifice! And while we would never have the arrogance to think we were the only ones to have a blog that experienced technical difficulties, we must never underestimate the war between good and evil.  As a result, we proactively began to meditate and pray, as well as investigate the situation the way any learn-ed folk would…by googling it…

And my, my, my we got some very interesting answers! So, can I take it to “chuuch” for a little bit ?  (I didn’t misspell, just roll with me on this one).  Here is what we learned about a “BAD GATEWAY” (and how what was meant for evil has now been transformed for our benefit and God’s glory).

FIRST, let’s get some terminology.  A “GATEWAY” is what you connect to the internet through.  A “SERVER” acts as a “GATEWAY” to fulfill the request of the client (i.e. your Web browser, like Firefox or Safari), so that you can access the requested “URL” (in our case, “…with me so far???  So how does a GOOD thing go BAD???


According to the web, a “BAD GATEWAY” error occurs when your gateway (what you connect to the internet through) is not able to agree on how to communicate with the DESTINATION SERVER.  (I could marinate ALL DAY just on this point).  There are many things that can be deduced from this, but I will point out two.

  1. FIRST, while we may feel that we are an approved example of God, in reality, we may be showing an ERROR message..a “BAD GATEWAY,” to the world.  When what you are doing does not match what you are connected to, this causes confusion, and thus, your REQUEST may not go through.  In other words, if you say you are connected to God, then you should be granted access to the blessings of God.  BUT, if your server (heart) is not on HIM, and your motives are disingenuous, then regardless of what BIBLICAL TOOLS you are using (praying, fasting, tithing), if it not done in spirit and in truth, you will not be granted ACCESS to the (providential) DESTINATION GOD HAS FOR YOU.  (James 4:1-3).  We must be very careful to recognize that God is a God of order; there is a reason why we are instructed to “love the Lord with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.” (Luke 10:27).  ALL MUST BE CONNECTED TO REACH OUR DESTINATION. (sidebar: if you are not reaching your destination, ask one question: is this where God wants me to go?)
  2. SECOND, as I alluded to earlier, recognize that there is a spiritual battle going on; angels and demons are invested in the eternal resting place of your soul.  Think back to every time you took a stand for “doing right” in the eyes of the Lord…all hell breaks loose, right?  Your boo leaves you; your boss gets on your nerves; and you start thinking “insufficient funds” is your mailing address.  And all of this for WHAT???  Because when you determine to live your life for the Lord, you have changed your DESTINATION!!! Your url went from “www.i’m going to gossip, lie, steal, get wasted, initiate the booty call, and disregard that the WAGES OF SIN IS” to “www. for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that WHOSOEVER BELIEVES IN HIM SHALL NOT PERISH BUT HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE. com.” See the difference???  Depending on WHO you serve, you will be in one of two sections (as my Pastor likes to say): “smoking” or “non-smoking.”  If you were once heading towards the smoking section, then changed directions, DO NOT BE ALARMED, luv, when everything DISCONNECTS–when your friends walk out on you; when your family tells you “it don’t take all that to be saved;” when you face temptations that you THOUGHT you overcame YEARS AGO!!!  Like oil and water, God and the enemy cannot and WILL NOT mix; you must “choose this day who you will serve.”  (Joshua 24:15).  Keep pressing towards the NEW calling and destination in your life…the disconnect will be temporary; the GATEWAY WILL GET GOOD QUICKER THAN YOU KNOW!




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5 Responses to CAUSES OF A "BAD GATEWAY"

  1. iNDIGO says:

    I knew you were going to go there, but LAWDY LAWDY…I had no clue you would GO THERE!!! I am SO THANKFUL to have you as a fellow BOLD&FAB sister. The truth will SET the darkness FREE!!!! You betta TWERK THIS BLOG HUNNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  2. Bianca says:

    WOW!!! You broke that thing DOWN!

  3. boldandfab says:

    CHUUUUUUUUUCH!!!! Praise God sis for your “BOLDNESS” for Christ!!! Until RECENTLY I REALLY never knew ALOT of TRUE believers that were so BOLD for my Lord(Besides my Pastor & his wife)That were TRULY walking…BUT, God….YES GOD is calling His children to STAND for Him & I TRULY am beginning to see this in Jesus Name!!! My “Bold & Fab” Sister in CHRIST KEEP this “Ministry” STRONG for Him & MOST IMPORTANT NOW that WE are PUBLICLY taking a BOLD stand for Christ WE need to be in our WORD & On our knees PRAYING daily b/c The WORLD is watching & are WAITING to see us SLIP up(in our ACTIONS/DAILY LIFE) on the ministry God is using us in!!! No WE will/are not PERFECT HOWEVER WE have to be VERY careful that our TALK MATCHES OUR WALK b/c We are taking this BOLD step & MOST important God is watching & seeing how WE will back up our words THRU Him;-) SIIIIIS!!! This IS IT!!! I’m about to read it again & MARINATE on it….THANK YOU!!!!


  4. "Mom Dukes" says:

    Well, all I have to say is.. YEA and AMEN!!!

  5. Tonyce Fox says:

    I loved it,

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