"Tag You're It"

Luke 15:8 what woman, having ten silver coins,and loses one coin, does not light a lamp and sweep the house and seek diligently until she finds it?

Yesterday, I was reminiscing on my childhood and growing up in  Washington DC (17th D St. S.E.) was a lot of fun. I grew up being blessed with A LOT of female cousins and only one male cousin. I was remembering how playing  “Hide & SEEK” was one of my favorite things to do besides just sitting on the porch chilling watching the cars go down D St. I can remember how I would get so amped when it was MY TURN to find my cousins that were hiding. First , I would say to myself ok “Who do I REALLY want to find” . Second, I would say, Ok “Who is the most difficult to find” (Even as a child I liked a challenge). I really can only recall a VERY few women growing up that I felt were TRUE believers and encouraged me to be a Godly women. Today when I think about how BOLD I am for Christ I think about finding/KNOWING the lost and in my head saying “Tag you’re IT”(To myself) before I began my journey thru Christ in encouraging /praying /loving/being a LIVING example of Christ to them.

Matthew 10:26 “For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known”. I think about how when the SAVED and UNSAVED(Sometimes it’s hard for me to tell them apart, BUT God KNOWS) take actions against me such as PURPOSELY doing/saying things that SHOULD bring me/my spirit, harm/hurt. I ALWAYS feel in those moments God whispering to me “Tag YOU’RE it” & in my heart I LIVE BY the FACT that God KNOWS ALL & SEES ALL so NO MATTER if people think their PLAYING “Hide and SEEK” with me or whoever their trying to FOOL….GOD KNOWS AAAAALL!!!!

God knows everything that has happened and everything that will happen. He knows when we do things for the wrong reasons and when we do things for the right reasons. All things we do should be to serve Him and bring glory to Him. Today I want to TRULY encourage someone,  when God “TAGS” you, you respond according to the WILL of God & not the WILL of the OFFENDER. James 1:12 “Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because WHEN he has stood the test, he will receive the victor’s crown, the life God has promised to those who love him”. Today I want EACH of you to begin praying for those that offend you and also take a CLOSE look at their lives (Misery Loves Company) because a lot of times people can look at other people and want them to be ANGRY because DEEP DOWN inside they’re ANGRY/UNHAPPY with themselves/their lives. I TRULY encourage prayer for these people DAILY withOUT ceasing because God & God ALONE can CHANGE any person or situation. So, STOP…I said STOP being down on yourself because this person or that person is causing you grief…Look what they did to Jesus!!! & He ENDURED ALL OF IT for US….So, “Tag YOU’RE it” go and be a LIGHT in this DARK world. SHOW the world that THRU Christ WE WILL BOLDLY & FABULOUSLY overcome ALL that this WORLD has to offer us in Jesus Name.

“Fridays with Monisha S. Carter”

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8 Responses to "Tag You're It"

  1. "Mom Dukes" says:

    The Bible says the Truth will set you free… Sometimes, however, we don’t realize how bogged down we are with the lies of the world til someone, in love, helps us see the “light” of real Truth… That revelation may sometimes cause people we love to shy away from us, wanting to continue to pursue their sinful lives. These are the ones we’re to keep before the Lord, bathed in prayer… only He can break the strongholds that bind them in sin. But we must keep the doors of communication open with them, because when (or if, only the Lord knows..) they abandon all they know to live a Christ-filled life, we’ll need to be there to help see them through… I was told years ago by a wonderful pastor that you CANNOT hate someone you consistently pray for. And its TRUE!!! Jesus says we are to love our enemies.. hate their sin, but love them unto HIM… Keep studying God’s Word, baby, one day He’ll personally hand you a glorious diploma of completion!!! Love you…

  2. iNDIGO says:

    Awesome piece Bold&Fab hunnie-bunnie. Thank you for this. Came at a great time. God does truly see and know ALL! We have to continue asking His strength not to fall into those same traps and to continue praying for those who wish harm on us. God is CALLING US HIGHER…TAG WE’RE IT!! He wants it all today!!! Love u sis.

  3. Ify says:

    Luv the “TAG…You’re IT.” You know what is so awesome about tag…no matter hpw fast you run, the person behind you is just as determined to catch you; AND you have no choice but to be “IT” and catch another one! No matter how far we think we have gotten from God, we never get too far for Him to chase us done, tap us, and will all our flaws, STILL commission us to grab another one! Imagine if we all witnessed and “tagged with our faith” as quick as we tagged when we were kids…where would we (and the world) be?

  4. Michael (cousin) says:

    Bold and Fabulous!
    Tag you’re it is a Great message to show the growth in all of us! Take a simple game that requires nothing but people and add years of experiences and we not only tag to give a person an “it” but to allow HIM to tag us and give us the Holy Spirit. May God bless you and keep you is my prayer.

  5. Shauna Ellis says:

    I’m sooo glad the Lord has sent someone to tag me and I have this great desire now to tag someone and tell them what the Lord has done and will do for me and them. Luv it!! your BFF

  6. boldandfab says:

    Thank you all for ALLOWING yourselves to be “Tagged”….KEEP your eyes on the PRIZE….(ETERNITY)!!! Now go “Tag” SOMEONE else in Jesus Name;) Smooches

  7. HANK LLOYD says:

    I have watch you grow in the lord over the years, and as a Father I look at your growth in the things that God has done for you in your life, God never fails you nor forsake you, you abide in him and he will guide your path to the gates of heaven, so as your Dad I say to you that you have guided alot of people in the right direction in life. So keep your focus on the Lord with all your heart. LOVE ALWAYS DAD

  8. Awesome post peter, it’s been a long-time since I’ve been on here. I see that nobody has lost their passion. Good to be back.

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