Since about Saturday, I knew exactly what I was going to post about today…had it all planned out. Then yesterday afternoon, I read Bianca’s post about ORDER and since then, I felt Holy Spirit pulling me in a different direction. So although I don’t feel like starting to type from scratch at 10am the morning my blog is due to post, I’m just going to go with it and trust God on this.

For the majority of my adult life, I always HATED Conferences.

Women’s Conferences, Empowerment Conferences, Marriage Conferences, Faith-based Conferences, etc. When I was about 21-years old, I attended one and left feeling emptier than when I walked in the door. I felt that I needed to do more, get busier, save the whole world, get rich asap, be the perfect wife, or my life was meaningless. Subsequently, I viewed conferences as a contrived sham and felt that anyone who attended them must be pretty stupid to sit around for hours and sometimes days, listening to these people (who get paid A LOT of money to be there by the way) tell them how to live their best lives. In my mind, knowing that no one has it all together, I just felt it was a rip-off of time, energy, and money.

So back in 2008, I was working as the Personal Assistant to the CEO of an entertainment company. When you’re a Personal Assistant, you are delegated to various tasks (regardless of your skill set) in order to get desired results for your boss. You have to be extremely resourceful, able to work under intense pressure, and JUST DO! If you have the ability to hustle and grind, there is nothing you shouldn’t be able to figure out and make happen.

So my boss told me he needed a promotional video clip created for his wife’s upcoming 1st Annual, Get Radical Women’s Conference. This task required me to essentially do video editing services. I was completely unfamiliar with this process, but had to make it happen. So, I did a little research then started tinkering around with the software I had on my laptop and started the project that was set before me. At the end of the day, I actually did a good job with completing the task and have since been doing some video editing work on the side!

So anyway, as I was putting the clips together for the project, it made me curious about the speakers his wife was having at her Conference. So I started checking each of them out on YouTube. That’s when I saw a clip of one of them,Valorie Burton. In the clip she was talking about her book, “How Did I Get So Busy?” Please take a sec to check it out: ValorieBurton-QuickClip

Please tell me you just took the 3-minutes to watch it. Ok… So, when I saw it, it really inspired me. It made me want to see her speak in person. I wanted to attend the 1st Annual Get Radical Women’s Conference (2009) to see her in action, but I let myself miss out b/c of pride. I mean, how could I be part of something that I’ve been rallying against for so many years? I’d look like a hypocrite, right?

I was truly sorry I missed her. But a year later in March 2010, she was at the 2nd Annual as well. As The Bold and Fabulous Claire blogged about on Monday, I SWALLOWED MY PRIDE and attended the conference as a Business Vendor, but made sure I saw Valorie speak. Her zest for life, her passion, her professionalism, preparedness and speech about getting unstuck from our fears, listening to and acting on applicable advice, and not missing out on opportunity, touched me in a special way. It was not a Christian conference, but I believe that she was anointed by God to speak to my heart that day. I have had similar encounters with other successful women…outside of the conference setting since that day; some saved, some not. But God uses who He will to get across to us what He needs from us.

I spent some time in limbo…in a space where I felt like although I was on the right track with my Christian walk, business ventures, ministries, etc., that I was at a stand still with much of it b/c I was intimidated by the process of taking it to the next level. So am I now a fan of conferences? I may not be a conference junkie, but YES. Conferences provide an atmosphere of people from different walks of life who are not know-it-alls, but one or two of them may have the answer of what worked for them in a particular area that you may be struggling with in your life.

As Christians, we should be looking to the Bible FIRST for the answers, but we should also trust God when he uses people for examples of application. This blog site is even similar to the premise of conferences. We are six women of all ages, from all walks of life, who are sharing a piece of ourselves with you each week; in hopes that God uses our testimonies, struggles, and victories, to help build you up.

We are all on a constant journey to be BOLDER and more FABULOUS every day. So I encourage everyone who is looking to have increase in any area of your life to attend a reputable conference with an open mind and heart; as well as be ready to accept critiques they offer and implement their advice to propel you into success.

Until next Wednesday… that’s my time. Thank you for yours.

*Wednesdays with iNDIGO*

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8 Responses to WHO ARE YOU, TO TELL ME?

  1. Tristan Lewis says:

    I was waiting all morning for my indigo fix! I went to a conference this summer that blessed me greatly. So I agree with you and thank you for sharing your thoughts today.

  2. Bianca says:

    I didn’t know that you once felt that way about conferences! Glad you were open to attending the God’s Glamorous Girls Conference this year!

  3. Doreen says:

    Great entry – and wonderful insight! Thanks for the shout-out to my conference. I’m sooooo glad you swallowed your pride! I do agree that some conferences are not always best suited for what we need. But when you find one that resonates with you, you gain tremendous benefits.

  4. M Waltine Eubanks says:

    Jocy, Thanks for sharing Your thoughts with us. It is so wonderful to see the growth that You are making in Your GOD chosen path. Each of us must strive to grow to become the best servants of GOD that we can be. We must study always. Paul said this to young Timothy as we know. Please continue to let GOD us You.

  5. iNDIGO says:

    Thanks for your loyalty Tristan. I’m happy it blessed you.
    @ Bianca: I truly enjoyed GGG and can’t wait for 2012!!
    @ Doreen: Keep up your great work with the Get Radical Women’s Conference. I’m looking forward to March 2011!!!
    @ Mrs Eubanks: Thank you. I will continue.

  6. Lisa McIntosh says:

    Hey Sis! So how about I was able to log on to Bold and Fab 2 weeks ago at work, but now my job has blocked it. So I have to wait to get my daily dose. I’m so blown! I guess there was 2 much God in it.

  7. Mom Dukes says:

    I’ve been blessed to attend a few Women of Faith Conferences over the years, as well as many marriage conferences. They all provided priceless tidbits that have helped me grow in Christ. I’ve scaled back a few years but you’ve inspired me to pick up where I left off! God always has a word for His children, and it’s our duty to seek it from whatever source He sets before us… Enjoy your new “hobby” (smile..)

  8. iNDIGO says:

    @ Lisa: Very peculiar to say the least. But I’m not surprised. The enemy is not happy AT ALL about what God is doing thru this blog site. That makes me rejoice even more. Thank you for continuing to read when you can.
    @ Mom Dukes: Very happy to hear that this blog inspired you. Thank you for your continued support of our site. Love u

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