Where Your Treasure Is (…a lil' fairy tale)

Staring at his cheese sandwich, Little Boy whined,”I’m hungry Mommy.”

“Mommy,” said Little Boy, “Why are we so poor?

We eat the same thing every week, and we don’t even go to the same store

as every one else.

Huh, Mommy, why are we so poor?”

Without looking up, Little Boy stopped cutting coupons from the Sunday times,

Picked up a magazine and boldly declared, “SEE HIM. I WANNA BE HIM.”

“Now do you child,” said Mommy.

“Well a lot of people wanted to be him, my son;

Trusted, and listened, and invested, my son;

Committed their riches in his name, my son;

So I don’t blame you for wanting the same, my son.

Just remember these few words that your poor momma says:

There is still a lot to uncover about a man on a cover,

And often times the man on the cover has a lot to cover.

For the truth, a cover story often does not reveal,

And to unlock all the secrets, the can you must peel.

For where your treasure is son, is not in your fame,

Nor is it in how many people know your name.

Love thy God, to know thy self,

To love thy self, to know thy heart.

For guarding your heart ensures the wellspring of life,

But a wounded heart, untreated, will surely lead to strife.

And this man you want to be…

You know, so many never gave to their church,

Never answered the call to sow in good ground;

Revivals, they all came!  And prophesies, all want to receive,

But when the labor arrived, not a church mouse to be found.

Yet…to this man, did they give freely.”

Mommy picked up the magazine and pointed to the man on the cover.

“THIS man…this man did NOT die for you and me,

Did not feel a flog or hang from a tree.

Sacrifice, he knows nothing of.

My Bible is plain and no image cover can be seen.

But I don’t need a cover story to know what Jesus did for me.

And while my treasure may not look good now,

I trust and believe that nothing on this earth can beat my eternal crown.

So not in man, but in the name of the Lord, I faithfully give back,

For while we may eat the same cheese each week,

I can tell from your belly, Little Boy, that there is nothing you lack.

For I never have to question my investment, honey.

To do what He does, Jesus does not need my money;

He does not need an expose or a cover story.

For how great it is that He blesses me,

When I obey and give Him the glory.

So guard your heart, Little Boy,

And mind your eyes…for what you see in this world

Is merely a disguise.

For this man on the cover, that you claim you want to be…

On an upscale magazine with his subtle smile,

Will not be seen for a very long while.

His name is Madoff…and he made-off with other people’s money.

He on the cover alright…do you want to share his fate?”

Little Boy shook his head “No ma’am.”

“Good,” said Mommy, “Finish clippin’ them coupons,

and put some cheese on my plate.”

Make sure what you desire, is what it professes to be.  If it is not rooted in our Maker, it too will fly away.


Be blessed 🙂


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2 Responses to Where Your Treasure Is (…a lil' fairy tale)

  1. Kendra says:

    Loved it!!

  2. iNDIGO says:

    I love the message Ify and the delivery…short story meets poetry!!! HOTTT!!!!

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