"Marriage Made Easy" with Pastors Mike and Dee Dee Freeman!

If you are married or a couple intending to be married this is for you! Join Pastors Mike and Dee Dee Freeman every 1st Friday at one of the Spirit of Faith Christian Center locations for real talk on Marriage Made Easy. And be sure to register for the Marriage Made Easy Cruise August 2011. Click the image below for details!!

Every 1st Friday at Spirit of Faith Christian Center

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6 Responses to "Marriage Made Easy" with Pastors Mike and Dee Dee Freeman!

  1. iNDIGO says:

    Thanx for sharing B!

  2. Min. Denise Bryant says:

    Good Morning! I was watching the broadcast today 03/17/2011 and at the end of the program you asked if anyone was interested in you and Dr, Deedee hosting your ministry to married folks “Marriage Made Easy” outreach tools to chuches across America to contact you. Well this is my “plea of contact”!
    We need it! I am a current member since 1994 of Faith Ministry Chritian Center of Lorain, Ohio. our pastors are Pastors alvin and Diana Lindsey.
    My prayer is that you would either consider our church as one of your sites or at least a near by city to visit. I enjoy the “Mariage Made Easy” taping when their aired and I believe it would be a successful, enriching conference. I love the simplicity, truth, and how we are challenged to place our marriages in God’s hand, follow the word and examine ourselves to preserve a Holy union in God. i said all that to say please consider FMCC as a place to host a conference.
    Denise Bryant

  3. boldandfab says:

    Hello Mrs. Bryant, I will be happy to forward this information to them! They announced this past Sunday that they were taking the ministry across the globe so why can’t Faith Ministry Christian Center be one of the stops! =)

  4. Termetri Jackson says:


    I just went to the website for “Marriage Made Easy” and the impact that they had on New York was just a blessing. My husband and I are hosting our first Marriage Ministry Cruise on October 20-25, 2012.We will be sailing to Cozumel Mexico and Grand Cayman from Tampa, Fl. We are the founders of Shake The Nations Ministries in Orlando Fl and it would be indeed a blessing to have Pastors Freeman to join us on this cruise. I have been looking for an email address to send some information to and I cant seem to find anything. Do you know how I can contact them via regular mail or email?

    In God’s Love,

    Elder Reginald & Evangelist Termetri Jackson
    (407) 701-5150

  5. Henryetta Farver says:

    My fiancée has a concern regarding finances because he made 6 figures at his previous job and basically doesn’t make that now and his concern is that he will not be able to take care of me.. I respect him as man and wanted to provide for me but I shared with I do not care about that I know God will provide once we line up with him… I do not make a nice amount but I know it will work out for our good.. Please for us and God will be done in our lives….

    My honey name is Korey Highsmith

    God Bless You All

    • boldandfab says:

      We have both you and your fiancee lifted in prayer and you are a strong helpmate for him because God is indeed the ultimate provider and He will take care of all your needs. Keep the faith!

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