Movin' On Up…

Just stepped in the house and here’s how my day went:

Today I did the painstaking task of helping my cousins move from their house in Baltimore city to a brand new house that they had built from ground up in rural Pennsylvania! Now, anyone who has ever moved before, knows that it takes a great deal of planning and preparation to successfully execute such a major task.

For the most part I commend my cousins for having some sort of organization in this endeavor and making it somewhat easier for all of the hands helping in this move. In the packing stages, family and close friends stepped in and helped sort through piles and piles of “stuff” that all once had a place but was no longer needed for this season.

My cousins are certified pack rats, holding onto meaningless items they once treasured. My sister and I, literally had to pry items out of their hands and make them trash it in order to be able to make room for the new things in the house. And this is when it hit me, and I’ll leave it right here:

What old things are you moving into a new house?

_April Christina_

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1 Response to Movin' On Up…

  1. iNDIGO says:

    Oh how often we forget how important it is not to take baggage with us as we move on to the next stage of our lives. It’s ok to take the kind of baggage that helps us get the good stuff into the new place, but when it’s the bad stuff you’re taking…the self-pity, the low self-esteem, the bad relationship, etc., it’s not good. Thanks April =D

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