You're More Than a Dime, You're Royalty

This goes out to all the beautiful, intelligent women, who seem to have forgotten their WORTH. YOU ARE WORTH IT. Don’t EVER FORGET IT.

SO I know I’m about to put myself out there… but hey.. I think it is so worth being stated so that others who can relate, may hear a Word today.




“I just wanna be loved, like everybody else does” – Jill Scott

Good ol' Jill

Why can’t he find me? Why doesn’t he see me? Am I worth it?

Of course I am!

My Resume is as follows:

Saved at 16, surrendered at 19

-God-fearing in EVERYTHING that I do

Diploma at 18, Bachelors at 22, Masters from Johns Hopkins at 24

-Interned with the United Nations in South Korea at 20

-Accepted into the Prestigious Teach for America Organization at 21

-Honorable profession as a school teacher by 22

-Headed into a PhD program at Harvard…Doctorate by 29

-Got my own car, place, luxuries, AND I help to take care of 2 siblings..

-I keep the house clean AND cook, call me Sara Lee lol

-Well versed, well read, well traveled, *CULTURED*

Giving, loving, caring, sincere, passionate, loyal

-Fly effortlessly, 4 inch heels, Seven jeans, true religions, Gucci, Dior, Burberry

Holla at me

-Makeup to *compliment and not *cover

Beautiful and Bold features, reflective of my ancestry, Black, Indian, Irish

Sultry and Seductive

Immersed in the Arts…Avant Garde from birth

-And this list could stretch a mile long…

And yet the men around me think that lying in bed with them is all I am worth?

How dare you equate quality time to sleeping in the same bed every night or a hug everyday. I AM WORTH SO MUCH MORE. I REFER YOU TO My Father’s

W O R D:

Galatians 3:29 says “If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.” I am an heir..which means I am ROYALTY.

Do you not know I am Fearfully and WONDERFULLY made? um yea..hit Psalms 139:14

Are you kidding me, I was BOUGHT at a very high price.. (1 Corinthians 6:20)

I just want to be adored by one man. I want him to commit to me without schemes or tricks, or pressure from others. I want him to want me like no other. I want him to know he has the most beautiful girl in the world and look at others not as comparison but as confirmation that he has the best God has to offer. Is this really too much to ask?

I DESERVE to be taken out, wined and dined. I DESERVE flowers, cards, and candy on non-special occasions. I DESERVE sporadic gifts, both sentimental and material. I DESERVE poetry. I DESERVE to be  on your arm, paraded around as the prototype. I DESERVE to be cooked for. I DESERVE to be conversed with and confided in. I DESERVE to be THAT special one. I DESERVE to be LOVED. Flaws and All.

I am a GOOD thing:  Check Proverbs 18:22

So where is he? The one that DESERVES me…and the one that I deserve

I WILL NOT settle for less… no matter how “in love” my heart says I am.

I am a daughter of the Most High God (Psalm 82:6) and He has declared that I deserve the best of the best.

If you cannot do the aforementioned things AND bring more to the table..


Drops Mic


_April Christina_

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10 Responses to You're More Than a Dime, You're Royalty

  1. boldandfab says:

    Also check out Tuesdays with Bianca for more encouragement.
    As well as every blog on this SITE!!! Yes.

  2. iNDIGO says:

    Oh snap sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW. Speechless. Did you say check Proverbs 18:22?!?!! and Drops mic?!?!?!!!! SON…I’m done!! lol. And why didn’t I know ALLLLLL these things about you?!?!! Way to keep it gangsterrrrrrrrrrrrr… in Jesus name.
    Love u

  3. bianca says:

    Say whaaaaat???!!!! DONE! I love it! So good got me trying type this thing out on my BB. Wish we could put the whole thing on a tshirt. You went IN on this one!!! And the “drops music” part had me yell “You betta Do it!!” We were so in sync this week! This awesome!

  4. Rickey E. Macklin says:

    You Better Tell It!!!! Man! Why SETTLE for LESS when you deserve God’s BEST?!?!? Wow —- as Indigo stated, I too feel speechless – yet on the other-hand, remarkably appeased to know here’s a women who knows here self-worth (Ps 139:14).

    The accolades are wonderful but what’s awesome is the resolve of your identify in Christ. By the way, after having acquired the things you have (and no doubt this is just the beginning) – “How dare you compromise for less!” That would be an insult to your intelligence.

    Just want to say, (1) you are on track and (2) what God has for you (and rest of my sisters reading this blog) is for you … And get this, you’ll never have to compromise to get it … but April I know — you already know this 🙂 … As the older folks would say, “let the Lord use ya baby.”

    You Certainly Deserve God’s Best! And when the “right man” shows us, he’ll get a Good Thing & Obtain Favor he could in no otherwise attain. Excellent Blog! …. Just my two-cents

  5. S. Carter says:


    S. Carter

  6. Mikisha Simms says:

    Lost for words, you sisters are great.

  7. ADC says:

    I am in awe! I mean I’m absolutely speechless. Every girl out there their knows their worth needs to read this. Every girl deserves to be loved. Every girl deserves to be wanted..and with that being said, the daughter of a King deserves only the best. No exceptions. If he’s not showing that,”on to the next” …


  8. Ify says:

    BAM and BAM! Sis, you have nooooo idea how much this needed to be heard (and received). I literally got a TEXT that I should drop what I am doing and read this. I am glad I did. Luv ya sis *drops mic* (I can’t!!!!!!!!!!)


  9. Lisa McIntosh says:

    U better tell the truth! Too many of us don’t know our worth. This needed to be said. Luv the “drops mic” Lol.

  10. Tristan Lewis says:

    Just reading this. With you girls being so pretty, I just never would have expected your struggles to be the same as as average looking girls {giggle}. I love the bold and fabulous. Please keep blessing.

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