Text God "Lol Smiley Face" and See What He Says

After looking at my phone bill today, I can finally admit that I have a problem. A texting problem.lol

My Old Phone!

Now, most of us can honestly say that we are up to date with technology and play our part in the advanced game, but really, I don’t think anyone can top my texting game. Last month, between July 26 and August 26, I had a total of  2,355 text messages sent and received from my phone. That averages out to be about 78 texts per day, or about 8 texts for every hour I am awake which sadly works out to be me receiving a text or sending a text about every 7 minutes of the time I am awake in life. SHAKE MY HEAD.

My new obsession.lol.jk

When I thought deeper into this, I had to question who in the world was I texting so much, and what in the world was so important.

There’s something about texting that allows us to pause and think before and after tough spots in a conversation with others, that we otherwise would be caught up in or avoid altogether in a verbal dialog. We are freed from immediate responses and allowed to hide or confident;y stand behind well thought out statements.

Stay with me, I PROMISE there’s a point…

I began pondering the thought if God had a cell phone, what would I text him?

“Hey God, uhh it’s me again…”

“Yea..can we get up today God?”


“lol.smiley face”

“I love you”

Nonetheless, my mind drifted back to the comforting conclusion that God doesn’t need a cell phone for me to communicate with Him, but I can simply pray to Him anytime and any place, with Jesus acting as the operator.

At the end of the day I decided that texting God is not so extreme a thought for the day and age we live in. Even if we continue our prayer and devotions as scheduled, who said we can’t write to God, even in the form of a short text? If I can send almost 2500 text messages a month, there’s definitely room for some of those to be to God.

Now I know this challenge is somewhat odd, but hey, we’re not made to fit in right? I charge you to text God as often as you text your best friend/significant other for this week. Let HIM know you were just thinking about Him and that you Love Him and see how He responds.

Where are you sending these texts you ask? Save them as drafts of course, come back to them and meditate over it. Who said God doesn’t keep up with technology, eh?

Food for though. Think about it.

_April Christina_


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3 Responses to Text God "Lol Smiley Face" and See What He Says

  1. indigo says:

    2,355?? WHAT?!?!!! You mean 235 right? That extra 5 is a type-o!!!!! rotflol. Sike sis.
    Thank you for your transparency ONCE AGAIN on this one. I am SO MOVED BY THIS TEXT. I didn’t think you could top last week, but …WRONG!!!!
    We MUST get to a place as believers that we feel just as strong an urge to communicate w/ God as we do our family and friends. I am DAILY working on this one, but this is a challenge WELL WORTH signing up for. Thanks April.

  2. Bianca Ashton says:

    You did it again April!!! Awesome BLOG today… and yes, I’m up for the challenge!

  3. Tristan Lewis says:

    This message is spot on. God is worthy of us trying something like this.

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