“Tongue= Fruitful or Deadly”……

1 Peter 3:10 “He who will love life, and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil, and his lips that they speak no guile.”


Yesterday my husband called me asking if I had heard about the college student(Male) that killed himself because his roommate or someone in his dorm video taped him having a sexual encounter with another male. I thought this must be the young man Ify posted about on her FB page “SO SAD”. As I got off the phone I began my daily reading and could not GET OFF MY MIND how CRUEL some people can be. I stopped and prayed because I began to remember ALL THE YEARS I attended public school how MEAN & NASTY people could be to me( For NO REASON) ex. she THINK she cute, she stuck up, or I JUST PLAIN don’t like her for NO REASON. Now, keep in mind the majority of these people had NEVER even had a conversation with ME. I thought about how I would go home DAILY feeling like “WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME”? As time went on I became IMMUNE to it and had grown to place myself into this SHELL that I CARRIED into my adult life. As an ADULT it didn’t get ANY better as a matter of fact “IT WAS WORSE” but by this time I was SO used to it I paid it NO ATTENTION. I had began to separate myself from people like that.

 Jeremiah 15:19 “We must separate the precious from the vile” Definition of “Vile” adjective. morally base or evil; wicked; depraved; sinful; offensive to the senses or sensibilities; repulsive; disgusting; cheap; worthless; degrading. I didn’t say it came STRAIGHT for the BIBLE. I want to say that though the WORD SAYS it’s OK to Separate ourselves(If you consider yourself Precious) I would STILL pray for the “VILE”. OK, what I’m getting to is that SOME people are JUST PLAIN EVIL and it disturbs me when INNOCENT people are AFFECTED by their “VILE” WAYS. Some of US can be WALKING & STRIVING to be in a SPECIFIC PLACE with GOD & in LIFE and you have those “VILE” people who can bring the “MEAN GIRL” or “GUY” out of us when that’s NOT I MEAN ABSOLUTELY NOT where WE want to be/OR GO. One of my “FAVORITE” quotes that I carried with me from High school(I even have it in my high school scrap-book as my quote of the day) “MISERY LOVES COMPANY”(MLC) you see “I FEEL” that when people aren’t TRULY JOYOUS with themselves HOW WOULD THEY KNOW how to be JOYOUS for YOU and they do ANYTHING to take the attention OFF the way THEY feel about THEMSELVES also DOING WHATEVER to get the TEMPORARY ATTENTION they SO MUCH WANT. These actions include things like making others FEEL THEIR pain by EVIL words/ACTIONS towards them. I tell my son ALL THE TIME to treat OTHERS how he wants to be treated and that he NEVER KNOWS what people have been thru in their lives to be the way they are ex. Homeless people, people on drugs, prostitutes, pregnant teens. I ENCOURAGE him NOT to JUDGE or have harsh words for/about these people because it might PUSH THEM OVER THE EDGE(ex. the college student). We as “adults” NEED to STOP IT also because we can be SO JUDGMENTAL/EVIL sometimes with our TONGUES and if WE are STRIVING for God then James 3:10-12 “Bitter and sweet waters cannot come from the same well.  Therefore, if it takes us to do what the WORD SAYS & separate(BUT PRAY) ourselves in order for OUR FRUIT to CONTINUE to bear in a way that REPRESENTS GOD then SO BE IT!!!!!

Matthew 7:16-18 “A bad tree cannot bring forth good fruit; neither can a good tree bring forth bad fruit.” & YES, I ENCOURAGE my 15yr old son to do the SAME as I do the ADULTS REMOVE/DON’T SUPPORT/ENTERTAIN evil talk or DOINGS against ANYONE and to REMOVE yourself to “SAVE YOUR WITNESS”.

Today, I want to ENCOURAGE someone to KEEP in mind the LIVES of those people who are “VILE” look at their lives before YOU ALLOW them to MOVE YOU with their WORDS/ACTIONS(I so wish I could have ministered that to the young man who took HIS WHOLE LIFE because of OTHERS ACTIONS/WORDS). 

Also, I want to ENCOURAGE someone TODAY that the WORD says the PRECIOUS can SEPARATE themselves; therefore, if you CONSIDER that to be YOU then DO SO. STOP STOP STOP complaining about how this person ALWAYS says THIS or does THAT and that it BOTHERS you….JUST REMOVE YOURSELF from those people/situations and TRUST ME when I tell YOU that YOUR spirit will be SO MUCH CLEARER/PEACEFUL.

Now, in REMOVING yourself from the “VILE” PRAY PRAY PRAY for them & Love them from A FAR & when you COME ACROSS THEM….SMILE, SHOW LOVE & GO RIGHT BACK TO YOUR PEACEFUL PLACE.

Be Bold

Be Careful of your WORDS


Be in a SEPARATE space from non FRUITFUL situations

Be in prayer for the “VILE”

in Jesus Name……..

Monisha S. Carter…..


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8 Responses to “Tongue= Fruitful or Deadly”……

  1. boldandfab says:

    Wow did we go to the same school?! I got the same “She think she cute!” statements! Girls didn’t like me just because. We got through that stage and look at us now… if you’re like me, I now have the confidence and wisdom to say “Why no I don’t THINK I’m cute, I KNOW I’m cute and if you want to get to know more of who I am then let’s set up some time chat.” …LOL! Great blog today! ~ Bianca

  2. iNDIGO says:

    Also, w/ the young man who was videotaped, the person who did it posted the video on the web to EXPOSE him. Hence, he was humiliated to a point where he took his own life.
    The super deep part about your post is that, the vile words…the evilness CONSUMES the people who is under it’s spell to the point where they allow the enemy to manipulate all they do. So, they actually spend precious time they could be using to enhance the Kingdom of God to do the devil’s work. Just think of the energy used to think up a way to expose the downlow roomate…how could that energy have been used to glorify God? That’s the scariest part to me. The waste of our already super short time here on earth.
    The power of the tongue is tremendous b/c it manifests into action. Your words and actions define who you serve. We must be mindful to use ours to be fruitful. Thank you for your word Mo.

  3. Mom Dukes says:

    The Tongue… WOW… this blog should be “running over” with responses because SO many people are struggling with this issue. Psalms 34: 12-14 says, “Whoever of you loves life and desires to see many good days, keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking lies. Turn from evil and do good, seek peace and PURSUE it.” And how do we do that? Proverbs 25:11 says our words should be like “…apples of gold in settings of silver.” Picture that… Isn’t that beautiful? Let’s all try it, shall we? We have nothing to lose, but everything to gain…. Great job Monisha!!!

  4. lil brian says:

    nice one ma this really encourages me too think about other peoples feelings and if i don’t have anything nice too say dont say anyting at all. Also dont let anyone make u feel bad because they want too be haters,God made you the way you are for a reason, so just pray for them because thats all God wants u too do.I Love You Mom.

  5. boldandfab says:

    Thanks for USING me Lord to TOUCH & ENCOURAGE these 4 people and for those that viewed that didn’t comment PLEASE ENCOURAGE them to take these words and go “BEYOND” with them;-)
    @ Lil Brian, those words are so MATURE & It makes me Godly proud inside. Son I love you & I pray that God will ALLOW me to CONTINUE to be the VERY BEST EXAMPLE I can be(THRU CHRIST) to YOU….Love you Son!!!!!

  6. HANK LLOYD says:

    Our tongues have been getting us in trouble from the beginning of time, we must learn to control our tongues to where it is pleasing to God, but Unfortunately, mouth sins have somehow been domesticated and entertained by the modern church. Gossip, backbiting, and slander have become viewed as “naughty” little habits that aren’t really so serious. However, when Paul wrote to the church at Rome he sternly contended that gossips, slanderers, and bad-mouthers were in the same league as murderers, sexual perverts, and haters of God. Furthermore, he said such sins are worthy of a death sentence (Rom. 1:28-32).

    Some believers have experienced problems and misfortune, or fail to get answers to their prayers, because of their mouth sins. Using their tongue to ridicule, gossip about, or to slander their brothers and sisters is clearly sin — and as we know, unrepentant sin cuts off the flow of God’s answers to their prayers. “If I regard iniquity in my heart, The Lord will not hear” (Psa 66:18). Those who have mouth problems are destined to experience much trouble in their life and will not find it easy to obtain God’s help with their problems. Satan takes advantage of those whose mouths are undisciplined and that are used wickedly. “Whoever guards his mouth and tongue Keeps his soul from troubles” (Prov. 21:23).

  7. aprile says:

    This is my first time visiting the site. Honestly this whole situation reminds me of the way i use to be and the cruel way i use to treat others. I am so happy that the Lord had mercy on me and I thank him everyday with the new way I try to live my life. I always try to be positive and encourge and support those around. I try to teach those I come in contact with, young and old, that words are a powerful thing and we sould always keep account of how we use them for we never know the affect they will have.

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