Stop Crowding God in Your Heart!

Not long after I joined my church, I scheduled a meeting with my pastor to talk about some things that were on my mind.  I tend to get anxious about different things, overreacting to some as if already know the outcome.  Or I’d just plain worry.  My mother always told me “Be anxious for nothing…” (Philippians 4:6),  and while that would be on repeat in my head, it didn’t stop me from worrying about how to pay off a bill, getting a better job, or even if I’ll be able to provide for my children (who aren’t even here yet…terrible).


Well my pastor thanked me for meeting with him and said there were people who have been members for years and have never bothered to talk to him.  After listening, he instructed me to study Proverbs 3, particularly verses 5 and 6 that say “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight” (NIV).  So soon after that meeting I read it, but I hadn’t studied it (there is a difference). 

Last year I took a class at my church on learning to study the Bible.  I took away valuable techniques and equipped myself with a Bible dictionary, two concordances, and have since accumulated a variety of Bible translations, but hadn’t really put my new skills into practice.  So last weekend I decided to actually study Proverbs 3: 5-6.  I first looked up “trust” in the concordance.  There were a million entries for trust, and at that time I didn’t feel like look up all those scriptures.  That was fine because my blessing came from what I did next.  I decided I’d move on to the word “heart” and looked it up in my Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary.  What I found has truly changed my way of thinking and how I control my feelings.  What hit me was the following excerpt: 

“In the Bible all emotions are experienced by the heart: love and hate; joy and
sorrow; peace and bitterness; courage and fear.  The thinking processes are said
to be carried out by the heart.  This intellectual activity corresponds to what would be called ‘mind’ in English.  Thus, the heart may think, understand, imagine, remember, be wise, and speak to itself.  Decision making is also carried out by the heart.  Purpose, intention, and will are all activities of the heart.” 

I’m not sure I even read beyond that part because I immediately thought back to my scripture.  We always hear people say (and I say it myself) “God knows my heart.”  But what we don’t realize is that regardless of what we say we feel for God in our hearts, the more negative energy we harbor towards others, whether it’s hate/jealousy, revenge, grudges, judgment, bitterness or anything else, the less room we have to trust/love God.  Maybe a picture will help bring more clarity to my point. 

Now, I know that ALL means 100%.  So you can’t possibly “trust God with ALL your heart” if you have ALL these other feelings going on.  And while you may not be feeling all these feelings at once, they are very real and very common, and some folks who just like to be miserable will carry many of these emotions at any given time.  Did you check the 2% of your heart left for trusting/loving God?  You CANNOT feel all this extracurricular “stuff” and trust/love God 100% at the same time. 

So now whether I’m frustrated at work, irritated with my husband or worried about a situation in my life, pretty much automatically I realize that I’m crowding God in my heart with these other things and I let the situation go, or I quickly find a way to look at it like “it’s not that bad” and I’ll get over it more quickly than I used to.  I have to be honest, I’m still working on some things, but it’s a lot better than it was just a week ago.  Already I am feeling weights being lifted and more room for God.  I need as much of Him as I can get. 

*Guest Blogger ::Faith Brinkley::

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24 Responses to Stop Crowding God in Your Heart!

  1. iNDIGO says:

    Thank you for your bold & fabulous post sis. Trusting God and allowing Him to be the priority in our lives makes a HUGE difference. If He is the primary focus, we won’t feel like we’re just squeezing Him in between other things we have going on. It’s a daily decision to walk with and FOR GOD! I pray your piece today blesses someone as it has me!

  2. Faith Brinkley says:

    Thanks iNDIGO! I’m thankful to have a venue for this, and I hope it blesses others, as well. I will continue to share the blog link with others…


  3. Shavonne says:

    You made this so clear and plain…I am truly encouraged. Thank you Faith for sharing

  4. Monisha S. Carter says:

    Such an AMAZING way to ALLOW God to use YOU……I just heard a sermon today on having HEART issues & your blog kinda touches on that as well. We do TRULY need to CLEAR OUT some things so God can POUR IN what He wants for US;-) Thank you for your entry I pray that it CHANGES SOMEONE’S life today!!! Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful In Jesus Name…….

    S. Carter

  5. Michele Fleming says:

    I Praise God for performing His Word and Work in your life! “He who started out the good work in you is faithful and just to complete it, even unto the day of Jesus Christ” “… I have believed that I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!”

  6. GEEPEE says:

    Well put… you have truly been used as one of the many tools for God allowing you to paint a picture with words of encouragement & understanding . I hope this reaches a spirit that needed this today and many after. Great article!!!

    Gary P.

  7. Lauren says:

    Faith, that was such a blessing, and a very valuable lesson for anyone who reads. It truly ministered to me, and I think I may have even needed that! Love & Hugs, Im so glad your ministry was able to be a blessing to someone else.

    • Faith Brinkley says:

      Thanks Lauren. I’m glad you found this helpful. Nothing is new under the sun and a lot of us go through some of the same emotions, so since I found this to help me, I figured why not potentially help others with it. Even if it’s not instantaneous, the message can dwell with them for a while and come alive when they need it most.

  8. Ms. Glenda says:

    Thank u for sharing. I needed this today. Shavonne, thank u too. Much luv.

  9. boldandfab says:

    Thank you for such encouraging words. I can definitely relate to being ruled by my emotions. It’s a daily decision to look beyond how you feel and what comes natural in order to please God. We’re all works in progress and I thank you for sharing not only your words but also your heart! ~ Bianca

  10. Ginger says:

    Faith, thank you for sharing. I totally appreciate how you were feeling when you talk about anxiety and worry. This is such a positive and great way to get a handle on all the crazy emotions that you can’t control.

    • Faith Brinkley says:

      Thanks Ginger! This thought process helps me to be much less stressed about things I usually can’t control, anyway. I’m just working on the things I CAN control.

  11. Faith Brinkley says:

    -I’m glad it could help you, Shavonne. Thanks for reposting on FB.

    -Mo, when I first came to you wanting to submit material it was before you all had even announced that there was an opportunity lol. I’m glad that was already being discussed. 🙂 I told you I had changed my mind and wanted to think about it a little more to make sure it was Him and not me talking, but this was blessing me too much to keep to myself. That’s when I knew I was supposed to submit it. Thank you!

    -Thank mom! You know I luh you!

    -Thanks for reading, Gee. I hope so too, and that the message extends beyond my circle and touches more people than I know.

    -Thanks Bianca, it is definitely a day-by-day and situation-by-situation decision. But now that this is rooted in my heart it is easier to check myself!

  12. Claire says:

    I really appreciate the message in this blog. It really opened my eyes to how I can say one thing and in all actuality, it not even be true. The pictures were even more stunning in driving this point home. It truly touched me. Thanks Faith!

  13. Faith Brinkley says:

    Thanks Claire! We say it because we’ve heard it for so long from others and it sounds good, and we really believe it. We should work harder at showing it. People would be amazed at how much more convinced they’d be about where their heart stands once these things are put into practice.

  14. You So Pretty says:

    Great words, at a much needed time! and that chart was the best, can you please print so I can put it on my fridge? Good job Faith, more guest blogging please!

    • Faith Brinkley says:

      Thanks Munira! I’m always free to bring some joy to your life since I’m your sunshine and all. Glad it could help! 🙂

  15. HANK LLOYD says:

    The Lord says: “Even now”; in spite of all that has transpired in the past between you and Me; I still want you to come back to the Lord with all your heart.
    And there was a lot that happened between Israel and God. They wandered away from His Word; they chose disobedience; they ignored His prophets; they worshipped false gods. And in spite of all that God says, “Even now” come back to me.
    One of the biggest hindrances to our selling out our heart to God is our past. Our past will tell us that there are things back there that God can not forgive. There are things in my past that make me unacceptable to God.
    The devil will use my past to lie to me about how unpleasing I am to God. He will tell me: “God doesn’t want you. God can’t use you. Don’t you remember how you are or what you did?”
    My own past will lie to me about how bad it is. It will tell me that God can not possibly love me because I am a bad or I have done a lot of wrong.
    God says in spite of all that has happened in your past I want you “even now” to sell out your heart completely to me. Will you do that today?

  16. Franklin Chambers says:

    Look at my lil Faith. That was an excellent lesson. The professor is now learning from the student. I will take this message with me always, and pray that it strengthens me. God Bless you my sister! What a word; what a word indeed!

  17. Vanessa (Shavonne's friend) says:

    Good Job Faith! You have no clue how much I needed this in my life…I am truly grateful for your words, insight, and diagram (because I am a visual learner ;0)) God bless you!

  18. Mom Dukes says:

    Feelings of inadequacy, hopelessness, unrighteous anger, and a host of other depression-related symptoms are all “heart-issues.” That’s why it’s so important for the Believer to trust the Lord with all your heart. Only He can fix the damaged heart and make us whole again, completely able to abandon everything we think we are to Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of our faith. Wonderful testimony…

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