The war is waging. The attack is on!
I told you all in my blog last week that someone attempted to antagonize me. Well, the God in me was able to defeat that situation with flying colors! This week, I have come to see how crafty the enemy really is. He doesn’t always come as the antagonist mean-girl/guy, but sometimes as the beautiful, quiet, ladybug. Often times the smiling face, the person you would least expect, is being USED to manipulate and destroy. His deceptions comes in all shapes and forms. Oh yes…he is a tricky devil.
I must admit it is pretty intimidating and overwhelming to have the knowledge of the capacity in which God seeks to use me. But the bottom line is…He continues to show me and I have accepted the assignment. So with that, I also know that I need to be careful because I am a target of the enemy. So this morning as I was praying, God led me to check myself in some areas where I was getting comfortable and to be honest, it scared the hell out of me!!! 
As believers, we have to understand his motivation. If you are TRULY saved, the enemy is not even necessarily attacking you because of you. Meaning, he knows that he can’t get you because you already belong to God. His purpose with you BELIEVER, is to get you off-course; to tempt you…to make you slip up in order to hurt your witness and essentially, to make you ineffective to reach the unsaved person(s) whom God has called your SAVED LIFE to touch. Just think about how deep that is for a second. Wow!
In Ephesians 6:10-20 {please read in its entirety}, Paul tells us to put on the FULL ARMOR of God. We often times think that we’re covered simply because we’re saved. But in fact, we are the most vulnerable because the enemy knows exactly how God seeks to use us and that really ticks him off because we have the potential to be a SUPER TOOL used to get the lost saved. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A TRUE BELIEVER. We have a lot more than we can imagine…glory to God. But we must stay geared up to stand without withering.
Do you have on your armor?
The BELT is the truth. Sometimes satan’s lies sound like the truth. If we have on our belt, we are not easily manipulated b/c we have the real truth of God’s word.
The BREASTPLATE is God’s righteousness. It is how we guard our hearts which is the center of our emotions and self worth; which is an area the enemy loves to attack us through. God gave His son to die for you and I. Knowing this fact makes me know my true worth.
The FOOTGEAR is our call to witness. Satan will try to make us believe that the task of spreading the Gospel is too big a task. He will use rejection, rebellion, bad-gateway internet connections, and other things to try to discourage us from continuing. But we must keep walking it out in Jesus name b/c God is worthy & souls need to be saved.
The SHIELD is our faith. God will allow Satan will throw everything he has at you…financial difficulties, marital problems, sickness, slander, and more, to get you to doubt the goodness of God. But with faith, we can see beyond our circumstance…to the victory.
The HELMET protects our minds to guard our salvation. As I mentioned in my blog “BOO! SCARED YOU DIDN’T I”, the enemy allowed me to doubt if I was saved because of my struggle with Anxiety Disorder. Satan wants us to doubt our SAVED STATUS.
and lastly…
The SWORD is the word of God. Reading the Bible and trusting in its truth is key to fighting the enemy and coming out of the war with the victory!
Check yourself. Refresh. Pray. Get your armor on (or back on). Fight BOLDLY with all you have!! The battle scars are a FABULOUS honor. Salvation is worth it.
*Wednesdays w/ iNDIGO*

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15 Responses to WHERE IS YOUR GEAR?

  1. Tristan says:

    Being used by God is never easy but just wanted you to know that there are some people out here who are so glad you are. Thank you.

  2. Faith Brinkley says:

    Love it!

  3. boldandfab says:

    You have no idea how much this spoke to me! The thought of what God has in store for me is daunting everyday and the enemy has been sooooo busy this year! I have my days but it’s been by the grace of God and that alone that I have not completed cracked! Thanks for sharing sis!! ~ Bianca

    • iNDIGO says:

      I can imagine sis. To whom much is given, much is required. Let’s continue to encourage each other and stay SUITED UP in our battle gear for Jesus!!! Smooches =)

  4. Pierre says:

    Truth, wonderfully written. You know what? This really hit home – “Often times the smiling face, the person you would least expect, is being USED to manipulate and destroy.” I’m really thankful that you shared this post with us. I’ve found that it can be a real challenge to keep your guard up when the enemy is using someone you’ve come to trust. But through God’s grace we can stand up after every fall–stronger then before.

  5. Monisha S. Carter says:

    ;-)Thank You sis…..This blog has me in DEEP THOUGHT” Praise God 4 it!!! Smooch

  6. Mom Dukes says:

    When I realized the power in these scriptures, I was AMAZED at how much the Lord loves us and wants us to BOLDLY step out and step up.. we’re COMPLETELY covered… and Safe in His ARMS! I pray for the Bold and Fab disciples (that’s what I see in all of you) because what you have been assigned by God is bigger than any of you and so much more of a blessing that any of you can imagine. Please pray for each other daily, the enemy is very angry and wants nothing more than to eliminate your individual testimonies. Remember, his JOB is to “steal, kill and destroy” those of us who are Christ Followers. Don’t give him an “in,” because in the end, he’s destined to be “taken-out.” I thank the Lord for you, Indigo. Please continue to proclaim the Good News to this dying world!!!! Love you….

  7. Candace says:

    POW-ERRRR-FUL post!!!

  8. boldandfab says:

    Reblogged this on The BOLD & The FABULOUS and commented:

    Kinda cool to see where I was mentally & spiritually 3-years ago. Sometimes you gotta GO BACK to minister to YOURSELF!! I pray you are blessed by this blog from October 2010. It’s truly no less relevant today!!

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