A computer virus on my laptop cost me several hours of my day today. Y’all should’ve seen me. I was a mess. I had so much important stuff on there…things that I had never backed up on a separate hard-drive (including my original blog-post for today which was wiped out). As the trouble-shoot guy at Best Buy gave me my laptop back tonight he says, “We were able to recover most of your files.” So here I am now, at home w/ this laptop in my lap… looking through my files. Some things are gone (frown), but most things are still in place (frown upside-down). 

I wasn’t going to post anything, saying to myself… “WHATEVER MAN…ITS ALREADY ALMOST THURSDAY…I’M OVER IT!” But I feel a word in my heart. Nothing major, just this:

Proverbs 3:5-6 states: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path.

One of the worst parts of a computer crash is the sheer randomness of it. It is something completely out of our control, yet it is borderline unbearable for us to handle in the moment of thinking about all we possibly lost. Why?

1) Because we often have no back-up plan. 

2) Because we are unsure of the outcome.

Hardship is far easier to bear if we can come up with some larger purpose for it. After the original shock wore off, I was able to see what God was showing me…even through a computer virus. I had to ask myself, “Who, what, and where is my back-up?” I am human. I am frail. I am a sinner. I am walking daily. But I need to read my word and keep it in my heart at all times by living it out. I need to stay prayed up for myself AND OTHERS!! I need to have accountability partners in my life who do not make a habit out of telling me what I want to hear, but what is best according to God. All of these things create an active safety net for the believer.

I encourage you today to check in with God. You could be getting ready to get side-swiped by something you had no idea was even coming. Don’t be taken off guard. The enemy is busy. But God has enormous blessings in store for the faithful. 

Be BOLD and FABULOUS in Christ. In God we trust!

*Wednesdays w/ iNDIGO*

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4 Responses to SYSTEM CRASH!

  1. Mom Dukes says:

    Oh Indigo, computer viruses are the absolute worst! Thank you for allowing the Lord to touch your heart about this situation and turning it into a lesson used to glorify Him! But GOD…. Love you…

  2. boldandfab says:

    Reblogged this on The BOLD & The FABULOUS and commented:

    If you don’t learn from moments of being unprepared… you will constantly be a casualty of your own slack. Trust me…I’m a witness. Although I did this particular blog several years ago, the premise is STILL relevant. I actually needed a reminder today & just had to minister to myself on this one. I pray it blesses you also.

  3. vivianfeggans1 says:

    I didn’t see this first time you posted it. I am very glad to read it this time. You’ve used an up close reality that most people can relate to as an excellent metaphor for our own unpreparedness if say, God were to come back right now, just as unpredictably as a computer crash. Very thought provoking to consider. I don’t know many who cannot relate to this. Thank you!

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