“Facebook Statuses Gone Wild”

I saw someone’s status on facebook that said something to the effect of “Why has facebook become so over religious nowadays? I feel like I’ve been forced into church when I sign-in”.  I suppose they are referring to people like me,  who use the status option as a chance to witness and exalt My Father, on every occasion, GOOD or BAD. I suppose they were referring to my lovely brothers and sisters who post encouraging videos and scriptures, as to uplift those who are suffering internally or externally. 

I’m sorry if statuses like this Really thanking God for where He’s placed me–now and in the future. My imagination could have never envisioned this. #grateful

and like this Lord-through the years, you never let me down; you turned my life around; the sweetest days I found-I found with you!

may offend some of you or even make you uncomfortable.



I actually see it to be quite the opposite if you ask me. Most recently I have seen statuses and pictures on facebook that have been utterly offensive and borderline disrespectful FROM MY OWN “FB FRIENDS”. If we say we are Christians, then that needs to be evident in EVERYTHING that we do, even in our social networking. With statements like “FML” and “IDGAF” it is really easy to separate an authentic follower of Christ from a poser, because REAL lovers of Christ wouldn’t curse the life that HE DIED for me to have.  *If you are reading this and feeling some kinda way, perhaps you need to re-evaluate your so called “love” for God.*

Credit to the artist... link has been provided.

PLEASE HEAR ME WHEN I SAY: I am NOT JUDGING anyone..I am simply declaring that if we are able to outrightly and CONFIDENTLY proclaim God from our mouths, on our cars, and even quoting scriptures and such on our pages, then we should be able to OUTRIGHTLY post appropriate statuses and represent ourselves and OUR FATHER with some respect. See James 5:19-20 or even John 15:2-8

Hopefully this is an eye opener to some of you who honestly, just needed a little bit of clarification, so that you can COME CORRECT as a follower of Christ, for EVERYONE to see. After all the Bible says in Romans 1:16 “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek. For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it s written, “The just shall live by faith.”

Here are some key questions that tend to keep me in check before I post something, whether public or private, (and even now I am thinking of some things that may need to come down)

1. Is God pleased with this? Will this make Him smile?

2. Will I be embarrassed if my Pastor, Mom, employer, or students see this?

3. Does this represent the likeness of Christ?

Like Ify said…


_April Christina_

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5 Responses to “Facebook Statuses Gone Wild”

  1. iNDIGO says:

    This blog is SOOOO TRUE!!! Thank you for blogging on this underrated topic. We are in a world of quickie thoughts being posted…most aren’t well thought through before being posted. That is not the spirit in which God wants us to operate under. I agree w/ you 100%. I’m not saying be a religious fanatic, but we should be using FB and Twitter the same way we use our physical voices…to be positive, to inspire, to encourage, to witness!!
    As far as the “hating” status you saw, I have one thing to say: Christians are to EXPECT persecution. The word says so in John 15:18-21; 17:14; 2 Timothy 3:12; 1 John 3:13. Just keep doing you sunshine!!! Love u girl. #thatisall

  2. Ify says:

    Soooo….I likey I likey! Especially not being ashamed of the Gospel–I think that is key. Jesus said that if we deny Him on earth then He will deny us before His Father (run tell dat homeboy). I luv to have fun, act up, “be real”, and down right act a fool at times…but that is ALL ancillary to the feeling I get every morning, when my Father whispers hello. Being hated on by a few, is worth planting seeds for many!

  3. boldandfab says:

    OMGOOOOOOOOOOOOOODNES Sis!!!! This is OVER DUE(SMH) ok, I so agree with you & I use my page as a SOURCE vof MINISTRY & MINISTRY ONLY!!!! & like IFY said I don’t like OVER CHURCHING folk; However, I will not be ashamed of MY GOD;-) FBookers put almost EVERY/ANYTHING THEY WANT SOOOOOOOOOO I’ll put want I WANT….I don’t complain about their lives(I pray for them) & what they say(NEVER I DO)sooooo if I want to get on FB with the ONLY INTENTION to SAVE ONE LIFE then SOOOOOOOOO BE IT!!! #YESI’MDROPPINGMYMICTHISTIMESIS;-)

  4. Mom Dukes says:

    Thank you, Thank you… THANK YOU!!! The day will come when all will understand why being “Spiritually Sold-Out” was SO important to SO many! April Christina.. you GO-FORTH (lol) girl!!!!

  5. boldandfab says:

    If this didn’t spark up some thought, I don’t know what will. I was truly encouraged and inspired by your blog. You have challenged me to use your three questions as I post statuses. Thank you so much Sis!

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