What’s In the Sin?

So I am sitting here somewhat conflicted because while I am secure in my beliefs and confident in all of my choices, I cant help but to feel some sort of way when I turn my friends down when they ask me to go out with them. Now, my friends aren’t extreme jezabels that club hop and drink until debauchery, but even still I feel like by going out with them, I would be setting the wrong example. All this to say, I have questioned, what exactly is in this “sin”? Or in other words, what is so wrong with wanting to dance with friends and sip a few drinks? Is there something in the Bible that I missed which instructs us to wear ankle length skirts, turtle necks year round, and drink only water? Ok ok ok
So clearly I’m being facetious, but really, from this conversation with myself I have come to two conclusions, in which one will be presented to you next week in part 2 to this. But the main understanding that came to me, is this: if you really want to know “What’s In The Sin” then LOOK for yourself in His word! Dont just take what the “saints” of the faith say, and what mama-n-dem told you growing up, because while their advice is certainly valuable and sometimes God-breathed, NOTHING and NO ONE can substitute reading the Word for yourself! I’ll leave it there for right now…
_April Christina_

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2 Responses to What’s In the Sin?

  1. Monisha S. Carter says:

    Ok Sis……& Amen!! Reading is FUNDAMENTAL especially in Jesus Name;-) Can’t
    wait 4 Part 2…..Smooch


  2. Mom Dukes says:

    Excellent! As my husband always says, “God has no grandchildren!” We must know Him for ourselves and not strictly through our parents or grandparents observations and/or decisions to serve/live for Him! Love you and thank you so much!

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