Pretty Ricky and Patron: What’s in the Sin?, Part II

Ok so last Saturday I briefed you for what was to come in today’s post, in which I basically suggested that if you want to know the Word, read it for yourself. Or in other words, we Christians tend to quote scripture that we have never even seen with our own eyes, yet we spit them out as if we were the dag on SMH (Notice I said WE, because, well, I have fallen guilty to this sad truth)

How can we expect to live right if we do not understand the expectations God has for us? If we have never opened His Word and searched for the daily bread that feeds us and keeps us alive, how can we quote anything to anybody?

Yeah..I will leave that there and move on to todays subject…

So, this week I have really been doing some soul-searching, questioning why God continues to use me, even after I fall. With no clear answer in sight, aside from the fact that His love is TRULY unconditional, I began thinking about the ways I have fallen. Which then led me to question, what is really in the sin? What is it exactly that constitutes a sin?

For example is drinking alcohol the sin or is drinking in excess, to the point where you lose all self-control, the actual sin?


Is listening to Pretty Ricky the sin, or is listening to Pretty Ricky to the point where it causes you to think nasty thoughts the actual sin?

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I had this album.smh.

Is love for another of the same sex the sin, or is it the physical, sexual actions that manifest from that love the actual sin?

Is going out to the club a sin, or is it when that random man starts grinding on you from behind, (or vise-versa, #imjussayin) that becomes the sin?

Do I have all of the answers, umm nah..but do I have the most powerful resource in all the Earth? I SURE DO!

Are you hungry for it?

First and foremost, we know that all have sinned and fallen short, as told by Paul in Romans 3:23.

But what is sin? To answer this as clear and concise as possible I reference 1 John 3: 4 which says “Everyone who sins breaks the law; in fact, sin is lawlessness.” So in essence anything we do AGAINST the laws of God is considered a sin. Well what are the laws of God? The answer to that is a bit more complicated, because in my understanding His law spans from Genesis to Revelation, and cannot be pinned down to just a few things. However if we consider the teaching of Jesus in Matthew 22:34-37, Christ makes it very easy for us, by telling us the Greatest Law of all, which is to love God with all our heart, all our soul, and all our mind. Simple enough, right? Wrong!

As Christians we tend to struggle with this because we let other things take the place of God, automatically breaking His greatest commandment. Some of us put our significant other before God, for some of us it’s our friends, and for others it is our love of material pleasures that ruin our relationship with God. At what point does our heart become overcrowded with Ungodly love? In what instances do we find ourselves trading our souls for a temporary moment of pleasure? How often are our minds focused on things other than the Glory of God? MMmm..yea…I have some work to about you?

...thinking on these things...

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4 Responses to Pretty Ricky and Patron: What’s in the Sin?, Part II

  1. MOM says:

    LOVED reading this!

    • Jennifer Beckwith says:

      Your post was beautiful hun. Not only because it was so eloquently written, but because it was RAW and HONEST. The point was clear and well taken. I know I have some work to do:)

  2. Tristan says:

    Will there be a part 3 to this?

  3. indigo says:

    I truly believe that God’s word is a beautiful work. It is very literal in nature on a lot of issues, but much of the Bible is to be used to minister to us to bring us CLOSER to Him…to have relationship w/ Him. We so often get caught up nit-picking what this or that 1-scripture may mean in regards to our individual lives. What He desires is simply for us to worship Him b/c He is God. In terms of sin, it ALL STINKS beneath the feet of a Holy God. The problem comes in when we God is leading us to let go of things but we fight it b/c of our unwillingness to give up things that we don’t want to.
    You’re right ACC, the law stretches the complete bible…the knowledge is infinite. His word is sovreign. For me, there were a few things I was lead to cut off COMPLETELY (alcohol included) even though I didn’t want to. But if that thing is not a hinderence to your walk or witness and God hasn’t chastised you on it, then HE should be your compass…not anyone else.
    I appreciate the candor of your post. A lot of people are dealing with these same issues and not speaking on it for fear of how it will make them look as a “Christian”. But I always say that honesty opens doors to truth! Bravo ACC.

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