I Just Want 2 Thank You…..

I keep my eyes always on the LORD.  With him at my right hand, I will not be moved.” Psalms 16:8

Today, I’m sure that most people are out and about shopping, shopping, and I did mention SHOPPING?!? I actually spent the day home with my family and just looking from a far I began PRAISING GOD for blessing me. I thought about how God  TRULY did a 450(way more than a 360) on ole RAGGEDY ME!! I had a WHOLE DIFFERENT message of ministry today that God placed on my heart; however, with SO MUCH “THANKSGIVING” on my heart I thought I would share my “THANKS” to God for “GIVING” me a “NEW ME” and SHOWERING blessings on MY LIFE that I could have NEVER IMAGINED receiving BC(B4 Christ) . Now, I TRULY have NOT “arrived” and have a LONG WAY 2 TRAVEL; HOWEVER, I’m SOOOOOOO NOT the Monisha I was last year, the year before, or three years before that and I just HAD to take a moment out of this BUSY day and give “THANKSGIVING” to the ONLY one that TRULY deserves to be RECOGNIZED by ME for CHANGING ME and making MY LIFE what is it TODAY!!! THANK YOU FATHER God……..

As I was praising God thru my thoughts today a song came to mind and this is actually the song five years ago my Husband and our now fifteen year old son walked down the aisle to at our wedding. Today, I listened to this song AT LEAST six times crying and just PRAISING GOD for ALLOWING me to be a LIVING WITNESS & thru MUCH prayer and DEDICATION/DWELLING in the WORD & LIVING OUT His word BY THE SECOND God CAN & WILL MAKE CHANGES…..They may NOT ALWAYS be what WE WANT; however, I & HIS WORD can GUARANTEE that HIS WILL, WILL ALWAYS BE DONE!!!! PLease take a FEW SECONDS out of this busy day & click on the link below….CLOSE YOUR EYES and MEDITATE on where you WERE and where you are TODAY and just GIVE HIM THANKS……..Today be ENCOURAGED to give GOD HIS DO THANKS & if you feel COMPELLED to SHARE God’s GOODNESS on YOUR LIFE & how THANKFUL YOU ARE after listening to the link PLEASE do so you may BLESS/TOUCH SOMEONE YOU NEVER KNOW!!!………ENOUGH SAID!!!


Be Bold

Be Giving God “THANKS” for 4 “GIVING” YOU

Be in a moment of MEDITATION on His GOODNESS……..

Happy ThanksGiving from the “Carter 5”

Monisha Starr Carter

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2 Responses to I Just Want 2 Thank You…..

  1. hank lloyd says:

    I just want to thank God for all he has done for me and my family, since we have given all we have to God, he has given us back three fold, I have been blessed so much in my life, I should have been dead, but God spared me with a person in my life that gave me a new direction, and we have moved on with life, letting the thing of the past behind us, and just looking forward to what God has in store for us in the future, so long live the king of kings, with God on are side we will not go wrong.

  2. indigo says:

    Wow sis. Praise God for your post and for the song. This song NEVER gets old and is such a blessing. “MY PAST HAS BEEN ERASED WITH JUST 1-TOUCH FROM YOU! MY CLOUDS, MY RAIN, MY PAIN HAS CHANGED…YOUR BLOOD HAS MADE ME NEW! OH LAMB SO TRUE…I SURRENDER TO YOU. MY LIFE. MY LOVE. MY ALL!” Beautiful. I am overjoyed w/ how you have surrendered to His will b/c now, we are truly sisters in Christ; striving towards the same goal…SALVATION for ourselves and others!

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