Mud Vision (a poem inspired by John 9)

No fault was his that he was born without sight…

a simple man faced with the plight

of not knowing whether it was day or night…because he could not see.

Those around the One (not yet believed), asked what sins may have caused this man’s disease.

And the One replied quite simply that neither the man, nor his ancestors before

had caused his illness that for so long he bore;

but that his lack of vision and lack of sight

were created on purpose to reveal the MIGHT

of the One’s Father…for now that it is day we must do HIS work

for all labor ceases once it turns night.

So without alarming the man who was blind,

the One spit on the earth and made a mud pie;

smeared his eyes and told the man “Go…wash in the pool of Siloam”

(And the pool’s name translated means “Sent”).

And with no delay the man did what the One requested.

And surely what was intended to happen was manifested.

Blindness touched with mud made sight.


The One often uses the symbols of despair

as a revelation of His ability to repair.

He does not dwell on how you became murky, dirty, or the origin of your shame,

but that you believe that in His name

all of your blindness, seen and unseen,

can actually be tools to transform you (and others) to another level of clean.

The mouth of the One, whether it be saliva or words

MUST produce LIFE!

May we never be so haughty and so proud

That we tell the One that He is not allowed

to get us a little dirty.

And sight restored must not be ill-spent,

For like the man once blind, we are called to be Sent.

To reverse the lies this world has sold,

that no one or nothing can transform sins and disease of old.

Because as Sent children, we must testify with love

that what the One re-created…all started with mud.

The views of this world, while looking crystal clear,

are filled with deception all used to steer

us away…from the Truth.

I don’t want contacts, bifocals, or lenses.

I want mud vision.

And surely, like the man once blind…the One will restore my senses.



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4 Responses to Mud Vision (a poem inspired by John 9)

  1. liz says:

    Very on time message! Love it!

  2. indigo says:

    Awesome Ify! We are truly all sent, just have to accept the assignment(s)!!! Your poetry is poignant and beautiful. Thank you for sharing!!

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