So…you’re 2010 was filled with FERTILIZER huh?

It’s ok…this is the natural time of our calendar where we think on the major milestones of the past year.  It is easy to fall into the trap of defining our year as a huge cake of disappointments, with a couple sprinkles of good stuff.  Or maybe you didn’t like the old “recipe” from 2010 (or 2009…or 2006).  So you determine that you’ll just bake a whole new set of resolutions for 2011.  And on a serious note, many have been haunted by the memories of serious miscalculations and disappointments in one’s self that THIS year was supposed to be different than the others…but it wasn’t.

Well guess what… MANURE HAPPENS…and will continue to happen.  I decided this year that before I make new plans, goals, and definitions, I do the following:

1) RE-ASSESS:  it is quite possible that much of my own self-inflicted crap was because I did not have a proper definition of what was for me and what wasn’t.  There are things in life that God does not plan for us to be harmed by; thus some of our pain is endured UNNECESSARILY (think about that for a second).  Once we truly ASSESS what God’s plans are for us, we will not only avoid unnecessary pain, but we will also RE-SPOND in a completely different way (or not respond at all).  Do not carry into 2011 the hurt from those things which were not EVEN supposed to be a thorn in 2010.  Reassess your steps so you can redefine your path.

2) RE-GROUP your thoughts, friends, locations, trips, etc.  We all need a LIFE!  Who and what you fill in your life will determine your time.  Who did you hang out with when you wanted to have fun in 2010?  when you wanted to cry?  are they the same people?  is there a reason for that?  who do you share your dreams with?  who do you gossip with? (and why?)  Ultimately decide if you are “cool” with your GROUP and if 2011 is going to be a collective progression…or just more fertilizer.

3)RE-ROUTE your path.  So this piece was inspired by an Old Testament passage, but I purposely waited until the end to present it.  2 Kings 7:3-8 tells the tale of four men with various sicknesses and they had a choice to make:  Do we go back home, where there is famine?  Do we stay just right where we are in our sick state?  Or do we go to the camp of our enemies?  There land is the only place where there is food and shelter.  Maybe if we surrender to them, they will let us live.  If not, they will kill us and we’ll die anyways. Interesting.  What was certain: DEATH was a surety.  The question was HOW.  Most of the Israelites remained where they were at, starved, and perished.  But these men were different–they had been isolated for so long due to being outcast due to their sicknesses, that their day to day living was a struggle to survive.  Out of their natural state of desperation BIRTHED possibility!  Death was not what they were afraid of.  Not taking a CHANCE was their fear.  What can you not afford to take a chance on in 2011?  What success can come from your isolation? We all go through pain…but pain should NOT be for free!  Let your pain be your downpayment for opportunity in 2011 (and beyond)!

Re-routing does not start with DESTINATION, but rather with your CURRENT POSITION!  You have to analyze where you are and determine that surely there has got to be more—that to REMAIN is equivalent to death!  And to go back is not even an option!  Even if the path leads to challenges and obstacles, it is still a path nonetheless.  As long as the hand of God is on you, you will make it!  Hey, you’ve been doing it your way all this time…why don’t you just try it His?

Before flushing all your crap down the toilet, know that our God uses our experiences–ALL of THEM–for our good.  His thoughts of us haven’t changed since the beginning of time–which are thoughts of good, and not evil.  For us to believe that all things work for the good of those who love Him, we must take the time to credit our disappointments, hangups, breakups, and let-downs for being part of the Master’s plan for our promotion, position, and progression.

Remember, we all need a little FERTILIZER…to grow a flower 🙂

Happy BOLD Year Saints!


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2 Responses to So…you’re 2010 was filled with FERTILIZER huh?

  1. Indigo says:

    Looks like we’re on the same page for 2011, especially for the REGROUP part!! That’s what I’m talking about girl!!! Also, this struck a MAJOR chord: “What can you not afford to take a chance on in 2011? What success can come from your isolation?” Wow sis. Beautiful. So often we energize things& people that don’t even deserve our attention and then we are burned out when God gives us a set of tasks. It’s so unfair to Him and worth us all taking a hard look to be honest and do BETTER for the new year He’s blessed us with. All the CRAP has GOT TO GO!!!!!!!!!! Thanx for your word Ify.

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