Last night, I was presented with a super opportunity! Without going into the full details, at least not yet, let’s just say it involves being out of the country for a few months; singing; AND AWESOME pay! The kicker is, I would have to give a definite answer by Friday (2 days from now) because we would be shipping out on February 11th.

Immediately I was excited! Although I told the person who presented me the opportunity I needed a couple days to pray about it, I had already kind of made up in my mind that I wanted to go because deep down inside, I always wanted to go overseas and my flesh was telling me, “I DESERVE THIS”. Also, the time sensitivity factor had me feeling very under the gun so to speak…knowing that if I didn’t answer yes right away, the opportunity would be given to another person. So, when I got home from the studio last night, I talked it over with my best friend & love of my life, “Husband Guy” and he is supportive of either decision I end up making. So I said a very basic prayer before going to sleep last night and dozed off.

I woke up this morning, ate breakfast, watched a little TV, and then turned on my laptop. I immediately came here to the Bold & Fab blog site as I do every morning to be blessed by my fellow Bold & Fabulous sisters in Christ. Low-and-behold, Bianca blogged about having WISDOM and seeking after it. Lawdy Lord… reading her post touched me; it convicted me in a major way. How dare I allow the time constraints of man and my own personal selfishness to blind me from the reality that God MAY NOT HAVE ORDAINED THIS OPPORTUNITY. He may in fact HAVE ORDAINED IT, but I never sought his guidance about it truly.

I immediately hit my knees in repentance. After praying, I remembered that there were other things… commitments and responsibilities I needed to take into account. My company Jesus Groupie Inc. for example. I have help but I need to be assured that my help is equipped to handle some of the mundaine day to day business tasks which I usually do on my own. My organization The Purpose Writers for example just started gaining momentum, enjoyed our first open mic poetry event together, with many other things on the agenda upcoming. Again, I have reliable and capable help, but is it fair to leave all of the responsibilities of a new organization in their hands? The ladies of the Bold and Fabulous are hosting their first event likely in March. Although there are five other people involved who are capable of handling putting a great event together, is it the right thing to do to not be there? Also, I committed to be a Teacher for my church’s Youth Retreat coming up February 25th. I have been studying the word for and eagerly anticipating this, as I have prepared a lesson about Standards and Hygiene and the importance of presenting your best.

Shortly after praying, I received a call from the guy asking me had I made a decision because He has another girl who could take the slot. I said this, “I told you I needed to pray on this. I am grateful to have been offered this opportunity and am strongly considering the possibility of going. BUT, I have committed to some other things that are ministry based and that mean a lot to me. When presented with a major opportunity, prayer is imperative. No one said God would answer me right away…when I want Him to, but He will in His time. So if there is another girl who can give you a “YES” without needing time, I encourage you to move forward with her. I can not rush my decision because I want God’s blessing to be on whatever I ultimately choose. So, I respect whatever you choose. I think that if the opportunity moves on before I get my answer from God, it wasn’t meant for me to begin with.” He replied with, “I can respect that and will keep you posted with what we decide. Perhaps you can fly out in March instead. Let’s stay connected.

So, I will leave you with this: Don’t move ahead of God. Read your word and pray without ceasing. Remember that wisdom is necessary if you call yourself a true believer. Everything that looks good AIN’T GOOD!! But it is God who is able to show you the difference. Trust in Him…trust in His word…trust that He knows what is best for you…LISTEN to the Holy Spirit moving inside of you. Don’t ignore wisdom for flesh. It will not end well. I am still waiting…

Enjoy this song/video by John Waller called While I’m Waiting. Allow it to minister to you in a Bold and Fabulous way. WHILE I\’M WAITING 

*Wednesdays w/ iNDIGO*

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10 Responses to HURRY UP…ANSWER ME!!!

  1. Lisa M says:

    Wow. Im proud of u Indi. Many artists seeking stardom & recognition would have jumped at this chance. It takes alot of discipline to wait on God. And because you were obedient, this opportunity may come around again in March anyway. Hallelujah! I noticed Kirk Cameron (the actor turned minister) is in the video you shared. He’s also a co-authur of one of my bibles “The Evidence Bible”. I’ve heard John Waller on 91.9. I love the song.

    • Indigo says:

      Thanks for reading & commenting Lisa! We shall see what happens. I am still in prayer about it and am at peace and cool either way. And yes, 91.9 is ALL THAT!!!!!!! lol

  2. Bobbie Patterson says:

    WOW!!!!!!…A WOMAN of integrity that waits on the LORD

    • Indigo says:

      I’ve noticed you commenting a lot lately Sister Bobbie. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read and be blessed by what God has put on our hearts. Please keep me in prayer as I keep this lifted as well.

  3. Sabrina says:

    Wow, excellent article- very convicting. Good for you and thanks for sharing!

    • Indigo says:

      You are so welcomed Sabrina. Thank you for your time in reading and commenting. I’m so happy it blessed you. Continue to seek the Lord in all you do and feel free to drop by anytime to be blessed by one or all of us, each day of the week. We are blessed for our lives to be a blessing.

  4. Jenny Lu says:

    This post blessed me! We must always prayerfully consider our decisions and also count the cost. I’m proud of you sis! Every good thing may not be the GOD thing for us to do at the current time. WE have to be aware of the season that we are in.
    What is of God will not spoil! So if its meant for you to go, that opportunity will not spoil by you seeking God’s face for confirmation.

    • Indigo says:

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting hunnie!! God is revealing so much. We have to continue to stay near the cross in all we do and don’t do!!

  5. Cleave says:

    Wow! How insightful. So many people would have been long gone, and would have had the nerve to say it was God. It takes real character and commitment to wait on God, cause God is the SLOWEST one I know. LOL. I mean I know God’s timing is perfect, but you are right, if a decision requires a time committment, that wont rush our LORD. Thanks for giving that great example of patience. BTW great song and great movie too!

  6. Indigo says:

    I’m not saying that God is not leading me to go, but I am saying that I made the mistake of NOT consulting Him first and allowing pressure to force me. I must not ever let that happen again. No matter how BIG or small the decision, it is all relevant… it is all life… it is all a gift, so we must treasure it and go with where God leads. Sometimes He is calling us out of our comfort zones and other times He implores us to stay still. But w/o seeking His face, we are misguided. Thank you for reading and for your comment. Blessings to you.

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