Holdin’ on to the SON-shine

Philippians 4:8 “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.”

I’m always smiling. You wouldn’t think that’s a big deal. But lately, everyone’s always asking me why I’m so happy. And it’s not ever usually for any particular reason, other than the fact that …I’m happy. So what is it that keeps me smiling all day long? What is it that gets me through my day? And what keeps me in a good mood even when the weather is bad? (Because we all know, cloudy, rainy, stormy, drippy droppy weather gets most people down)

And my answer is: Jesus! Having Him in my life… best decision yet. Being intimately close to Him, THE Best decision yet. So how is it that He keeps me singing all day long no matter the circumstance? Gets me through ANYTHING? Can ALWAYS depend on Him? NEVER fails? I sought Him and as He promised in Jeremiah 29:13, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with ALL your heart.” I can’t truthfully say I’ve ever been “in love”. But I’ve seen some of my friends think they were. And when you see that they’re in a relationship on Facebook, then yeah…. it’s a wrap. Must be official. What they do is they constantly talk to that one person. And when they’re not with them, they text, they call, they Skype. Sometimes the infatuation is overwhelming for me because that particular guy will be all I’ll hear about for ooohh, What? 4 to 5 days? And for that time, my friends are “oh-so-happy” and “in love”. Lol. I have to sit back and laugh. You can just about predict who’ll make it and who won’t.

But me? My relationship with Christ is oh so real, I really am happy. It’s not something that can be defined by Facebook or predicted by humans. See because, Christ won’t let me go. And as long as I keep searching for Him, and I keep my eye on the REAL prize, I won’t have to worry about tomorrow and if I’ll be happy. What better joy can there BE than the love of Christ that fills up a heart to overflowing?? If such a love existed, people wouldn’t be hurt and there’d be no need for a Savior. See what I have,…can’t be found ANYWHERE else BUT in Christ. And what I have, can’t be topped. I’ve got the best thing since…..the Internet.

He’s true. He’s noble. He’s right. He’s pure. He’s lovely. He’s admirable. He’s EXCELLENT & PRAISEWORTHY! And thinking about Christ all day long isn’t a bother. It isn’t a hassle. It isn’t a chore I dread do. I LOVE thinking about what He has done for me. I LOVE knowing that out of EVERYBODY else and anyone who may love me, their love is only human and therefore unpure, and a friends love is most likely to be untrue at some point or other. How great is PURE love?? Oh my gosh; MIND-BLOWING. You’ve got to get it if you don’t have it… Christ in your life 24/7. And no, the days aren’t always easy, but the promises that He made to us as Christians make the tough times come and go. I keep looking forward. And I can keep looking forward to tomorrow because regardless of this life, who’s in it, who’s with who, and anything else, I KNOW Christ will ALWAYS be there, ALWAYS love me, ALWAYS protect me, ALWAYS keep me close to Him, ALWAYS guide me and ALWAYS be pure and holy. He can’t be anything else.

To the KING!!


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2 Responses to Holdin’ on to the SON-shine

  1. Mom Dukes says:

    Man, I don’t know what to say… I pray and ask the Lord everyday to keep you close to HIM. He’s SO faithful…. I’m So glad you love Him sweetie… and so glad He’ll love you forever…. Stay close….

  2. Campus Security (DAD) says:

    I Thank GOD for the relationship that you have with Christ. It is no greater relationship in the world. I pray that your focus will stay on him. I LOVE YOU so…..much….

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