Hebrews 3:15 “Today, if you hear his voice,do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion.”

As I drove home Monday listening to the radio(104.1 fm) a song came on that LITERALLY had ALL TYPE of visions running thru my head. AS my mind was RUNNING (You know how visions of things you have done in your past may cross in your mind & you can see it SO CLEAR), I began singing (& I can’t sing) SOOO HARD & LOUD and before I knew it I found myself UGLY CRYING and PRAISING GOD @ THE TOP OF MY LUNGS. I began thanking Him for saving me and not allowing me to go into “TOMORROW” continuing my life of DAILY SIN that I CLEARLY KNEW was SIN (When I TOTALLY gave MY WHOLE SELF 2 HIM). I began thanking Him for saving the lives of so many of my friends (I was calling out names) and I began BEGGING Him to CONTINUE to KEEP US ENCOURAGED to be LIVING EXAMPLES OF HIM & HIS WORD. So that we may be used to DRAW/ATTRACT the lost to TURN from their sins “TODAY” & accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I PRAISED GOD for FINALLY ALLOWING ME to KNOW it’s NOT ABOUT ME and that it’s ALL ABOUT HIM & KINGDOM GROWTH.

The song was called “TOMORROW” and yes it’s what we call “old school” music; however, old or new that song SPOKE VOLUMES to me about tomorrow not being promised. It spoke about how “we laugh and play and continue on today” without TOTALLY COMMITTING to Christ as if “TOMORROW” is promised. I will give you an example that plays in my mind DAILY before I end. As some of you know my brother was murdered when he was 19-years old. My brother was my VERY BEST FRIEND and vice versa; therefore, I knew him VERY WELL. He died on the scene (the steps of a church) where he was shot SUDDENLY. However, before his spirit left us the Pastor of that church came out and held him and prayed with him. I saw the Pastor from a far kneeling down with my brother and she told me what she prayed with him but because it was SUDDEN I always think “DID HE REPENT & ASK GOD INTO HIS HEART?” I think “WILL I SEE HIM AGAIN?” and it REALLY BOTHERS me because our time on earth was short-lived so I wish MORE THAN ANYTHING I could see him again. I shared this to say…..


Today, be ENCOURAGED to TRULY turn from the sins that YOU KNOW will keep you from entering into ETERNITY. Be ENCOURAGED to KNOW that God NEVER TURNS from us and it’s ALWAYS us TURNING from God. Be ENCOURAGED to STOP giving God our “TOMORROW” when He is here and READY to RECEIVE us “TODAY”. Please click on the link below and I TRULY pray that after listening you will TAKE A FEW MINUTES & repent then give God your “Tomorrow” “Today”.

Proverbs 27:1 Do not boast about tomorrow,
   for you do not know what a day may bring.

ENOUGH SAID in Jesus Name…….

Be Bold

Be Choosing God Today


Be a NEW YOU in Jesus Name “TOMORROW”…………..

~Monisha Starr Carter~

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4 Responses to Tomorrow…………..??

  1. BlaqPearl says:

    This was so on time!! Thank you Monisha!

  2. HANK LLOYD says:

    I know how you feel sweetie, I go threw these thoughts all the time, I have given my life to God along time ago, I know what he did for me, so that when I sin he will forgive me, because he know that I have surrender to him, I love God so much, he has help me threw so many difficult times in my life. When you guys were younger I prayed for your safety in life all the time, God WILL NEVER FORSAKE YOU, for he is my rock, and yours too. So when we think of Tomorrow, today and for ever we know that with God in our life, and we give our life to him, we will all be together in Heaven with him always. Love Dad

  3. Indigo says:

    Son! This one line could’ve been the whole blog: “WHY WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW GOD IS HERE TODAY??” WOWZERS!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful piece. Praise God sis.

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