Top 5 Misconceptions About Being a Christian (From the Believer AND Unbeliever)

**Disclaimer** Today’s blog is the opinion and original thought of April Christina. If you happen to disagree, well, I’d love to hear from you : )

Yea..this needs to be addressed…

When you decided at a specific point in your life that you would give up YOUR ways, and pickup the ways of Christ, you should have understood that your new journey would NOT be a cakewalk. But for some reason, I continue to meet Christians and NON-Christians who somehow think that being saved means being perfect, boring, monotonous, extreme, strict, and dare I say, JUDGEMENTAL. What? Um.. nah

The world just LOVES to make matters harder than they have to be, and I suppose it’s just human nature. However, I am one to be VERY SIMPLE in nature, and tend to shy away from anything too complex or “EXTRA” as my friends would say. So with today, I will do my best to dispel the top myths about Christianity and lay out for you what I think is the simplest way to understand “Us” lol.

aMAZEd at the difficulty..

So, Here it is, The Top 5 Misconceptions about being a Christian (In my opinion)

5. Christians Don’t and Can’t Have Fun

No disrespect to nuns, nuns have fun too!! lol one is MIND BOGGLING to me because I have yet to come across scripture (Old or New Testament) that instructs Christians to be boring old hags. In fact, if we are to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, then we will understand much of what Jesus did in His lifetime included fellowshipping (usually over a meal) with friends and family. I guess this “Myth” all depends on your definition of fun. If getting “wasted” and grinding on another person is fun to you, well, then perhaps Christianity might seem boring to you, but if you enjoy the simple things in life such as laughing with friends and family, eating, reminiscing, telling stories, shopping, being outside, so on and so forth, then Christianity is the way to! Honestly, I think I have fun in some way or another almost EVERYDAY of my life..BECAUSE I am a Christian.

4. Christians think they’re “Better”

This one is tricky, because while I certainly don’t believe that I am better than anyone on this planet, I DEFINITELY understand my worth as a King’s Kid. God’s word is FILLED with scriptures of humility and again if we are to be LIKE CHRIST, then we know we are to have the attitude of a servant, washing others’ feet. Romans 12:3 instructs us to not think of ourselves more highly than others, and verses throughout speak of humbling ourselves before the Lord. It’s really hard to submit to the ways of Christ with Pride in your heart. So at the end of the day TRUE CHRISTIANS practice HUMILITY.

3. Christians have to be “Perfect”

Wow. If this were so, I would have been kicked to the curb a long time ago! I AM SOOOO GLAD God see’s beyond my faults (Because I have PLENTY of them). Don’t you get it? JESUS died because we AREN’T PERFECT. DUH!! As Christians, we have accepted the offer of God to be made new in the blood of Christ, meaning we have admitted our faults and trusted in God for forgiveness and salvation. If we were perfect and without sin, we wouldn’t need Christ. Should we aim to be like Christ? Absolutely!! Are we gonna fall in that pursuit? Sometimes! Are we forgiven? You Dag on Skippy.

2. Christians are extremists with extremist beliefs

Could this be you?

Um…I may force my beliefs of the Ravens down your but I am certainly NOT forcing my religious beliefs down someones throat. In fact, Jesus NEVER forced anyone to follow after Him. His words were often parables in which He told the people that those who had ears to hear shall hear. But more importantly HIS ACTS brought more people to Him than His words did during His life. If we call ourselves Christians we are definitely charged with spreading the Gospel of Christ to non-believers HOWEVER, Jesus teaches us to be gentle with people and SHOW them why they should believe more often than speaking our beliefs.

AND here it is..the NUMBER 1 Argument I hear from inside the church and outside:

1. Christians are too Judgemental #POW

Doesn’t this one sting a little? It does for me, because I can honestly say I know why non-believers would think this, given some of the Christians I have met. Imma just give you straight scripture on this one: In Luke chapter 6 versus 37-41 Jesus tells us VERBATIM not to judge others but to love them unconditionally. If we are followers of JESUS CHRIST, calling ourselves Christians, shouldn’t we then understand His words so Simple?

What’s the Bottom Line?

I am a PROUD Christian who follows God’s Word as best as I know how, every single day. I am imperfect, and flawed, but I am washed by the blood and adopted as a daughter of the Most High. For Christ I’ll Live and for Christ I’ll Die! Simply Put.

_April Christina_


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5 Responses to Top 5 Misconceptions About Being a Christian (From the Believer AND Unbeliever)

  1. Nik says:

    I could take this post print it and just pass it out to everyone I meet. You made some really good points. I especially liked #1. Sometimes I would think that my life was a little boring, but now I know better. This walk isn’t easy, but no one ever said it couldn’t be fun. I’m enjoying it.

  2. Indigo says:

    I LOOOOVE YOUR BLOG A.C.C.! This one is so on point…ain’t even funny. I loved the part about JESUS being a “fellowshipper” (ESP OVER A MEAL). lol. You ain’t never lied sis. One of my main goals as I journey on this walk is the same as you posted here. It shows in our blogs, it shows in our social lives, it shows in ministry, on our jobs, and everywhere we go that we are touched and being used by God and we are blessed to be a blessing. We aren’t perfect, but I feel it is safe to say that as REAL and FLAWED believers who are striving daily, we are an advertisement for Christianity. I wear the title with honor and my swag is on “1-hunned” and magnetic too! Keep on letting your light shine my B&F sister. I pray that all are blessed who read.

  3. Bianca says:

    Excellent blog sis! Way to break it down and make it clear!

  4. Candace says:

    Awesome post!! I love the “Bottom Line” 🙂 I’m sharing with some sisters!! God bless you!

  5. Todd Carter says:

    a very balanced debreifing….well thought-well written….keep illuminating Ms. C

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