The BEST Love I know

It’s Valentine’s Day. So would talking about love be too cliché?

I’m gonna do it anyway.

There’s so many types of love in this world. And there’s two stages in life when you really truly understand only one. That true love. Sincere love. Not the love teens think they find in the high school hallway because some guy with a hot hat offered to carry their book bag for them.


I first understood real true love when I was a child. The love my mom and dad gave me from the time I was teeny-weeny to now and forever beyond. But what I didn’t know at the time was how many other “loves” there are in the world today. There’s the best friend love. The love that only wants you for what you can give. The love that’s simple. The love that’s beyond any other, and we only get that from our Father.

God brought my mom and dad together on this day what seems like awhile now. And I’ll be honest, I don’t know exactly how long. Whether it’s been twenty-one years or twenty-two. But what I know is that they have been the perfect example of love that a daughter could ever ask for.

My mom. Wow. The things moms do. And they say you never really understand until you’ve been one, but I think I can understand this love. She’s patient with me and my dad. She helps and comforts. Protects and shelters. Guides and encourages and pushes and disciplines. It’s no wonder my dad fell in love with her. She is in essence the very image of the Proverbs 31 wife. And I couldn’t ask for a better mom.

And my dad. Gosh. Words just don’t do him justice. My whole life, he has willingly worked hard to provide for me and my mom. He’s the dad that any girl would want. He’s kind and gentle, but he can put the fear in a guy’s heart. My dad is my life. I love him so much. And I’ve always been his little girl. From tucking me in at bedtime, to singing to me, to being there when I fell, to washing my tears away, my dad has seen it all. I know that sometimes, especially now as the time has come for me to step off into the college world, I have not been able to see him everyday as I used to. But we still talk, he stays in touch and I am still his little girl. I’ve seen him love my mom throughout the years. And it’s always struck me that someday, I want a love like that too. And with a love like that, it’s no wonder my mom fell in love with him.

When I was smaller, I understood this love. But the world has grown on me and deceived me. It turns the trust and the faith of a small child into something vicious. But as I’ve grown older, there are two things I know I can always depend on. The love of my Father in Heaven. A love that can match no other. No matter whether I’m up or I’m down. I’m happy or I’m sad. Not even if I succeed or if I fail. And there’s the love of the wonderful parents he gave to me 17 years ago. As I’ve grown to see how cruel this world is, it has made me realize that their love is also to be compared to no one else’s. They love me whether I’m sick, or well. Whether I’m rich or broke (as I often am). They love me for me. And why? Because on this day, my mom and dad made a vow to stick to each other for better or worse, richer or poorer, in health and sickness. But they also took that vow to follow Christ along the way. To let Him guide their marriage through the in’s and the out’s. Those same up’s and down’s. The good’s and the bad’s. And because of that, they have found a love that’s true, and pure and overflowing. And the love of Christ in them is the love they’ve shown me. So I know no matter what I experience from anyone else, I know what REAL love is. It’s the love I have from Christ my Savior. and its the REAL love I have from my Mom and my Dad.

I love you both very much,

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Anniversary,

To the KING!!


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11 Responses to The BEST Love I know

  1. Campus Security(DAD) says:

    Claire,your mom and I thank God for you because he has used you to show me how a childlike (Faith) and love looks like. I miss our times of singing and talking about the very special girl. It is and always will be a JOY and Honor being your Dad. I have not always hit the mark, but I have wanted to be example that you could be pleased with. I love you so…..much and your words I will carry in the depth of my heart as long as I am breathing. Remember Goodnight Moon and the Three Littles Bears with voices and all (LOL) fun..ny. May the Lord continue to guide your heart and mind and steps. As you walk the walk your life will talk the talk. Love and Hugs and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. LOVE DAD TO THE KING…..

  2. Mom Dukes says:

    “Children are gifts from the Lord…”

  3. Joshua Lim says:

    Thanks Claire for this truly simple n wonderfully genuine expression of your admiration n love of your parents. I believe God is so so pleased with you all and He’s so close to all of your hearts. God bless you all, take care n stay lovely always!

  4. Indigo says:

    This post is something to shout about. Not only do you honor your mother and your father as the word states, but you also adore God! It is very apparent in how you live, who you serve. I am blessed to have you as a Bold & Fab sister =D

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