Sometimes, I am moved. One of the times I was moved most was when so many of my family, friends, church members, and associates came together (on separate occasions) to bid me farewell before my trip to Ethiopia. I received numerous cards, gifts, and from the heart gestures, that I was overwhelmed… in a good way.

It is true that we often don’t express to people how we truly feel about them until either they are passed on or some super life change is set to take place. Preparing for this trip definitely taught me a lesson b/c I realized I found myself trying to cram everyone I could in; whether it was for a lunch, dinner, quick outing together, or whathaveyou, because I hadn’t spent quality time with the folks I care for prior to knowing I was leaving.

This blog serves as a piece of advice moreso than a regular Wednesday post. Speak up. Tell people what their presence in your life means. It doesn’t have to be your best friend or family member, but anyone with whom you interact with who has made some sort of positive impression on you… The neighbor who always scrapes the ice off your car when it snows, just because. The church member who is consistently encouraging someone. The Missionary or Pastor who continually gives of him/herself w/o an expectation of return. The co-worker or customer who always asks you if you want anything from the store when they return. Really, just take a moment to think about who has rubbed you THE RIGHT WAY in life. Even if you feel the interaction is insignificant, acknowledge them anyway. Perhaps offer to buy them lunch or a ride to the subway station or etc.

Our time on this FABULOUS earth is limited. Let’s BOLDLY try to make this our lifestyle so that if we’re faced with having to leave here for an extended trip or AN EXTENDED TRIP, that we don’t have regrets about not sharing love with someone who has blessed us, big or small.

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6 Responses to SPEAK NOW OR ELSE!

  1. Tinesha says:

    Well said sis!! I’m sure that many people will be making some phone calls and visits after reading your segment. Thank you for putting this into perspective for some of us who hasn’t taken every opportunity to let people know how much they’re appreciated. It is important to give people their roses before they die so they get a chance to smell them.

  2. Monisha S. Carter says:

    ;-)Amen Sis……I always do a great job in that departmant because when people make me feel loved/appreciated I want them to RECEIVE the same love. Enjoy your trip



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