E.T. Phone Home…

Today I saw the previews for a movie that really got me thinking…

Now what I am about to say may seem a bit outlandish, but its all just food for thought I suppose… so here goes nothing…

The movie, which to me is seemingly a recycled idea and played out concept in film, considers the notion of “life” on other planets. In this preview, the producers interviewed the actors of the movie, and asked them to share what they really believe about other forms of life and NEYO, the music artist who stars in the film said something that caused my mind to run away and ponder his statement. He said something to the extent of if God created us and we believe in His infinite, unlimited power, then what makes us think that He stopped with us? 

Now my first inclination is ALWAYS to consult what I know best: SCRIPTURE…but when it comes down to it, there is really not too many verses that hint to life on other planets. Nonetheless, I am able to take my wonders and perhaps fears to the only primary source who matters, OUR FATHER.

I mean if I am real with myself, NEYO’s point resonates and resounds loudly with me, because at the end of the day I know and you know that God is UNLIMITED in power and for us to try and “BOX” Him is straight nonsense. God has not and DOES not disclose everything He does, everything He decides, and everything HE IS to us humans. 

While I don’t have any concrete answers, I do know that my traditional doctrine and beliefs were certainly challenged today, and the only thing I know how to do in times like that is READ, PRAY, and MEDITATE.

Is there life on other planets? Could they be more advanced than human life? Could they contact us in the near future? This is all certainly possible given the very little we actually know about God….

Regardless, Is God still supreme? Do I still have salvation through Christ? ABSOLUTELY!

I am curious to hear what you all think, so if you have an opinion please feel free to share…

_April Christina_

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2 Responses to E.T. Phone Home…

  1. Indigo says:

    Wow sis. I have often thought about this, thanx to media and movies…just like you. lol. But you’re right… it’s not necessarily that there is a right or wrong answer being as though God is sovreign and omnipotent and able above all. But also remember that His word is our official road map and does not lie. Not saying he didn’t omit some things b/c that’s what he felt was best, but my self-esteem is raised up knowing that you and I were created in HIS OWN IMAGE. He created us w/ love, care, and expectation…even above the angels!!! So, knowing that relinquishes a lot of the “what if” for me. Beautiful post A.C.C.

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