“Just Me, My Angels, and My Guitar…”

Yet another random story from a day in the life of April Christina, but, well, what can I say? I live life spontaneously. In the words of the fabulous India Arie.. “I’m having a private party, with nobody here but me, my angels, and my guitar, singing Baby look how far we’ve come…”

Here it is…
This week I invested in a Guitar.
I mean I literally had a conversation with a co-worker who bought one, FELT INSPIRED, found a used one online and picked it up the next day. From thought to fruition in 24 hours! Wouldn’t it be great if all our GRAND IDEAS were birthed that way?
Now I know what you’re thinking, probably the SAME thing everyone else said “umm do you even know how to play? Girl, you’re crazy!”… (except for Ms. Carter, shout out to my lovely NC for believing in me lmbo)…
Nonetheless, the answer is NO, I have no previous skill in playing the guitar, however I believe that it is NEVER too late to learn! Do I have hopes of becoming the next India Arie or Corrine Bailey Ray? Uumm nah.. I’m happy with my career choice lol.. but I DO think that lifelong growth and learning are absolutely essential in the only life you get to live in the flesh.
Quite frankly, I refuse to live my life FOR the world, when the WORLD did not die for me. SO…I have a guitar…Which brings me to the core of today’s blog: Everything I do, I do in excellence for my Savior, and well, this newest project of mine is included. I WILL learn how to play, and when I do, it will be in EXCELLENCE and in PRAISE. The sky is NOT the ceiling “When there are footprints on the moon”. As I grow in my spirit, I can see growth in every other area, which lets me know that if we nourish the soul FIRST, everything else falls into place. When I feast on the WORD, my soul is happier, which means I look happier, which means I feel happier, which means I think happier. Life is meant to be lived in joy and peace..so why not have it? If you wanna learn the guitar, LEARN the GUITAR. If you wanna write a book, WRITE A BOOK. If you wanna start a beauty shop, START IT!!! Forget the naysayers and go to God.

Im off to learn the G chord… lol Be blessed this week…
_April Christina_

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3 Responses to “Just Me, My Angels, and My Guitar…”

  1. Indigo says:

    LOOOOVE THIS SIS! Go fot it. Be OVERjoyed in the process. All NEW things to God’s glory. Agape.

  2. boldandfab says:

    April!… first I LOVE India Arie!!!!!!! She writes the soundtrack to my life…lol! I’m excited for you learning to play the guitar. I’ve always been interested in playing the drums, not sure when/if I’ll make that purchase but if I do we can start the BOLD & FAB band! hahahahha… Indigo would be the lead singer! Mo, Claire, and Ify, what’s your instrument of choice??? lol ~ Bianca

  3. boldandfab says:

    LOL!!!! I can sooooo see this!!!

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