Chris Brown and F.A.M.E.

Forgiving All My Enemies or F.A.M.E. is the new Chris Brown CD that was released just last week, and is now officially #1 on the charts. Yes #1, however, he reportedly busted his dressing room window on the set of an interview that went awry after he was questioned about the whole Rihanna thing…. Something aint right…

Call it what you want, but I actually appreciate Chris Brown’s talent and I honestly believe the best is yet to come for him. Yes, he made his mistakes, and yes he is not perfect but who is?

Nonetheless, I certainly don’t want to sit here and write about his past issues that have been addressed in the media time and time again. In fact, I want to make a statement that I think needs to be made, which is this: It always seems when God is ready to move you forward, the enemy (and all his forces) will do whatever they can to hold you back and feed you your past. Now, I absolutely see the need to sometimes be reminded of the things that God brought us from, because it is in those moments that we are able to get in a good praise and worship session due to the awesomeness of our Lord and His strength. HOWEVER, the enemy is convinced that if he continues to take you to that place where you once were in sin, then he will be able to keep you there. UM…. NAH. Never that. The only issue is that while we can sometimes see right through satan’s plan, it is MUCH easier to TALK about breaking out and moving forward than it is to actually DO IT.

It seems Chris Brown has already been freed from his past, but those who want to stunt his growth, continue to throw the past in his face. If there was one thing that I learned from Breezy this week, its that we cannot allow our enemies to have so much control over our past, present, or future. We’ve gotta learn to come to a place where we know whose name we carry, and no matter WHAT people throw in our face, we know what GOD says about us and our past.  2 Corinthians 5:17 says “Therefore if any man [be] in Christ, [he is] a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”

Additionally, Isaiah 43:18 encourages us to “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.”

I know who I am in Christ, and I know who I belong to. So to all those out there who continue to bring up the OLD NEWS…and throw it in our faces… I am declaring FAME…and praising HIS NAME because of it…. after all.. LOOK AT ME NOW!

As a side note, I AM NOT PROMOTING the FAME CD. In fact, Kirk Franklin released his cd the same day and did not receive nearly as much publicity as Breezy, so on his behalf GO GET KIRK’s new ALBUM!!! IT IS LIKE THAT!! I promise you won’t be let is pure, genuinely GOOD MUSIC!

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1 Response to Chris Brown and F.A.M.E.

  1. Indigo says:

    Great post sis. You continue to awe me w/ your approach to writing…very real, transparent, hip, and personable. My favorite line: “It always seems when God is ready to move you forward, the enemy (and all his forces) will do whatever they can to hold you back”; nothing but the truth yo!!! We have to learn to recognize his schemes so we can defeat them and be victorious. The devil is a liar but we give him WAY too much credit. We gotta press forward in Jesus’ name!!! Love u sis.

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