Top 5 Signs That You’re Favored

So, maybe I’m just being extra, but I HONESTLY feel like this month is gonna be one of the BEST months of Twenty Eleven. I’m believing that God is gonna do some CRAZY things in the month of April, just for ME.

If you believe that declaration for your life, shout HALLELUJAH and praise Him in advance! 

For my blogs this month I am going to do a countdown series on several topics. The first of which capture my feelings for this month and beyond!! Today’s countdown is the Top 5 signs that God has shown me to let me know that I am ONE OF HIS FAVORITES! If you experience these things, you too just might be


Top 5 Signs That You Are Favored:

5. You often receive things that you don’t deserve

This ladies and gentlemen is called GRACE. Whenever God gives you things that YOU KNOW you do not qualify for or that you did not earn, then you are CERTAINLY one of His favorites. I can’t count the number of times God has allowed me to make up missed assignments for full credit, or made a way out of no way to pay my bills after I spent the money on UNNECESSARY things. Yea, I’m being honest, and if you were too, you just might see some of this Grace I speak of. My warning (to myself and others): GOD’s GRACE does run out. Be careful to not take it for granted.

4. You DON’T Receive Things That you do Deserve

Can you say MERCY? The fact that I do things EVERY SINGLE DAY that warrants the wrath and punishment of God, yet He decides to “let me slide” is UNBELIEVABLE. I consistently screw up when it comes to living the Christian life, and still God decides to love me and bless me, even when I sin AGAINST HIM. WOOOOOWWWW! My God is sooo good. Yet another way He lets me know I’m His favorite.

3. Nine Lives of A Cat

I have literally experienced five severe car accidents, two house fires, several hurricanes, two cases of pneumonia, and many other “close calls” and yet I AM STILL HERE. There is no reason for me to be alive. God kept His hand on me in EVERY situation, again letting me know that if HE be for me, than NOTHING can be against me. I am so favored.

2. Blessed in Abundance

Not only do I have a choice everyday as to what I put on, but I also choose what will be for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I have everything I could ever want, and still God gives me more. MORE STUFF. MORE LOVE. MORE of Him. It’s one thing to have JUST ENOUGH, but when God supplies you with an overflow, than you KNOW you have to be favored. I mean, I literally have more than most have, and I refuse to take credit for that. God is simply amazing and I LOVE LOVE LOVE how He favors me. I can’t imagine life any other way.

1. Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child

Hebrews 12:3-17 tells us that God only disciplines those He really loves. I continue to see God’s hand on my life through His chastisement. I am His. Because I am His, He raises me up HIS way. Period. I much rather be a favored daughter who is often disciplined than an unfavored daughter who lives in sin and loses her soul. I put this as number one because I know that God “spanks” me because He cares and because I am His Fave. We tend to dismiss the trials and tests of our walk as a product of the enemy, but sometimes it is ALL God and not satan. Be mindful of what you give satan credit for, because God deserves ALL GLORY, even for spiritual spankings.

Be Blessed and Highly Favored,

_April Christina_

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1 Response to Top 5 Signs That You’re Favored

  1. boldandfab says:

    I’m in agreement with you April for the month of April to be favor-filled for you, me, and the entire Bold and Fab crew BUT I’d like to take it a bit further… I’m calling the Year to be favored!!! I love the count down and I agree with your #1 pick. I get spiritual “spankings” too LOL! Great blog sis ~ Bianca

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