“It is Finished”

John 19:28-30 “After this, Jesus, knowing that all was now finished, said (to fulfill the Scripture), “I thirst.” A jar full of sour wine stood there, so they put a sponge full of the sour wine on a hyssop branch and held it to his mouth. When Jesus had received the sour wine, he said, “It is finished,” and he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.”
As some of you know on a FRIDAY many years ago Jesus died a HORRIBLE death so that our sins would be forgiven. Last sunday, I participated in a full holy communion…OK, you may be asking WHAT’S THAT??

The communion consisted of a meal (representing the last supper) a foot washing (representing John 13 when Jesus washed away our sins) and lastly a communion (Representing God’s body and blood which was given FOR YOU & ME). Now, when I found out there would be feet washing I was like “I’M NOT DOING THE FEET WASHING part” of this; however, after the Pastor BROKE DOWN John 13, I was like IF JESUS WASHED FEET THEN WHO AM I not to. I stepped out my COMFORT ZONE and remembered IT’S NOT ABOUT ME & IT’S ALL 2 THE KING!!! After the communion service I REALLY felt SOME KIND OF WAY^_^ I felt the NEED to SERIOUSLY STUDY the last days of MY LORD & SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. In my study I came across THREE VERY IMPORTANT words “IT IS FINISHED” and these words have stuck with me all week . Ok LET ME BREAK THESE THREE WORDS DOWN…..

When Jesus said “IT IS FINISHED” He ALREADY KNEW that WE would sin and fall short of His glory; therefore He gave His life so WE wouldn’t live an ETERNITY in hell and by Him giving His life He KNEW it would ALLOW us the OPPORTUNITY to BE FINISHED with this world and give Him our ALL. Jesus loved US THAT MUCH; to SUFFER THE MOST HORRIBLE death so that IT WOULD BE FINISHED for US!!! I HOPE YOU’RE FOLLOWING ME!!! Jesus died so that HATRED, LUST, UNFORGIVENESS, MURDER, SLANDER (and the sins GO ON) would be FORGIVEN(FINISHED) that means He died so that we may come to Him with a SINCERE heart and say Lord “IT IS FINISHED” (THE SINS THAT IS) & be PRIVILEGED to be given a CLEAN SLATE. 

In order to START aNEW we MUST FINISH the OLD (REAL TALK). Now I’m SOOO NOT saying that WE won’t sin; however, Jesus ALLOWED HIS life to be FINISHED so that we would be forgiven of our sins. We should assure that WE SINCERELY ask Him for forgiveness and make a SERIOUS EFFORT to STRIVE to TURN from the same sins BY THE SECOND DAILY. Today I want to TRULY ENCOURAGE SOMEONE to say “IT IS FINISHED”. Stop living in bondage because Jesus SET YOU FREE TODAY MANY YEARS AGO….Be ENCOURAGED to say “IT IS FINISHED” to GUILT, SHAME, ANGER, GOSSIP, SLANDER, and YOU KNOW YOUR “IT IS FINISHED” TODAY LET GO & BE FINISHED because Jesus gave IT ALL for you and He deserves for you to give it ALL UP FOR HIM. This weekend take a moment and read the book of John and TRULY UNDERSTAND what these next 3 days are REALLY ALL ABOUT!! 

Thank you Lord for dying in the worst manner for ME(YES OLD JACKED UP ME) Thank you for PLANNING out my life from DAY 1 and KNOWING that I would be sitting here RIGHT NOW being SOOOOO BOLD & FABULOUS FOR YOU because you were so Bold for ME many years ago in your WALK. Lord, I pray that SOMEONE over the next 3 days will say “IT IS FINISHED” for you and TOTALLY commit themselves to having a PERSONAL relationship with you. Lord, words can’t express my THANKS to you for GIVING YOUR LIFE for me when my earthly parents weren’t even THINKING of me(before I was born) You had me on your mind and DIED FOR ME…..Hallelujah, Hallelujah!!!!!!!!! 
2 THE KING…………………….
Be Bold
Be PRAISING Jesus for dying 4 US
Be Reading John and UNDERSTANDING the MURDER of Jesus
Be Committed 2 say “IT IS FINISHED” and MOVE ON in Jesus Name……………………………..

~Monisha Starr Carter~

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2 Responses to “It is Finished”

  1. Katreice Reeder says:

    Amen, Amen!!!! I Read this when ever i need to be reminded of what God has done for me!

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