3 Suggestions for the New Witness

Quick apology to the readers! I was crazy last week, and did not have the chance to post but…I’m back!! As promised…yet another count down, but this one is something I challenged myself to do in the last blog. So here I have given some suggestions for those who, like me, want to witness and spread the Gospel but haven’t yet figured out how to do it.

The caveat to this piece is simple: While we as Christians (A Body) are called to spread the good news about Christ and Salvation to EVERYONE, PLEASE SEEK God for discernment, as to WHO and WHEN you  should witness. There’s a time and place for everything and if you connect with God, He will guide you to those who need YOUR testimony. Let the Holy Spirit lead you and take over when you are presented with the opportunity to witness.

Oh, and one more thing, what is witnessing? Lol..let’s get this clear for those who may still be a little lost…

Witnessing is the charge of sharing the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus, through Biblical Scriptures and personal testimonies. We as Christians are responsible for getting the message of Salvation through Christ, out to every nation around the world. Below are 3 things you can do to begin living an evangelical lifestyle… Bon Apetite…

3. Practice With a Friend

Most of us, naturally, feel shy whenever we have to speak about something that may “offend” others or that seems taboo to talk about in public. If this sounds like you, the old adage “Practice Makes Perfect” holds true in witnessing. Grab a Christian friend and practice some lines that could open up a conversation about Christ. The first word is really the hardest, because the Holy Spirit will jump in and guide the rest. Some lines you could open up with are “Do you know anyone who would die for you?…” or “Have you heard of Jesus Christ before?” Really, it depends on who you are talking to…Which brings me to #2…

2. Ask folk the BIG Q: “Do you know where you will go when you die?”

Trust me when I recognize how cliche this might be, however it stands to be the most personal and difficult conversation starter to date. This question tends to make people very uncomfortable, which could be a good thing. We are certainly not called to pacify people, and if that means lighting the fire under some, then so be it. Ultimately, this is what it balls down to. Salvation is the only way to eternal life after physical death, and this should not be sugar coated in any form or fashion. Which brings me to my last and final suggestion…


It is realllllyyyy hard to argue something without

A. Passion


B. Evidence and Support

If you are witnessing to people, your personal stories about being in close relationship with Christ is VALUABLE, however, you should also be able to reference certain passaged to support your stance. Honestly, there are many atheist who know scripture very well, so just knowing it is not enough, but certainly a start. Asking God for interpretation and understanding of His Word will also be useful when spreading the Good News! John 3:16 great but it is NOT enough.lol

Definitely start with the people closest to you, however I’ve learned that sometimes the hardest people to talk to can be those that you love the most. Nonetheless, I always think about the consequences of NOT telling my family and friends about Christ, which is not seeing them after I or they die. You can also start opening up a little more at your place of work. Again, definitely take heed to guidance from the Holy Spirit as to WHO and WHEN. Your character should be so strong and tied to God, that others who may not be saved, will take you seriously when you speak to them about Christ.

Happy Easter,

_April Christina_

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1 Response to 3 Suggestions for the New Witness

  1. Indigo says:

    Your point about sound EVIDENCE as indicated in God’s word is so perfect sis!! It’s great to be gung-ho about salvation and wanting others to experience the fullness of God, but not reading/knowing the word and witnessing is a dangerous combination. I can’t count the times I’ve heard scripture misquoted and/or people “witnessing” straight up FALSE info. Bravo for your Bold and Fabulous post.

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