On Monday, I posted a status on my Facebook/Twitter page that read as follows: Folks are dying w/o Christ & u think I care about if YOU see me as Gospel, Inspirational, or Motivational? #misguided

What prompted such a status? Well, I had what I deemed would be my final disagreement about whether or not certain artists should classify themselves as  Gospel artists. After a host of heated discussions, debates, and arguments over the last couple years with random folks about the perception of what a Gospel artist should look like, what their songs should sound like, and so on; AND after many prayers about this issue, I have FINALLY come to terms with a solution that not only am I at peace with AND I think glorifies God the most.

Here it is folks… I, Jocelyn AKA iNDIGO am no longer classifying myself as a Gospel Artist. Yep, you heard me right! So now you ask, what will I say about my music? Will she call herself Inspirational, Christian Contemporary, Alternative, Motivational, or what? ANSWER: Not one more day will I label myself or my ministry to fit inside the mold of man’s finite mental capacity! Some people would look at this as a betrayal to the ministry. I’m so thankful that I’m at a place in my walk and life where Holy Spirit is my guide.

I AM CHRISTIAN who was given a gift of voice; so I SING. I’m also a Songwriter, Vocal Producer, Performance Coach, Blogger, Entrepreneur, and the list goes on. Because I am a Christian, EVERYTHING I do and am involved in is done for God to be glorified. I don’t need a label placed on me or my ministry for that to remain a fact. My  decision has coincidentally come on the heels of Fred Hammond holding a press release to talk about his decision to release a Jazz album. I remember reading so many negative comments from fellow Christians about his decision on Twitter. I remember thinking, “Wow, this anointed singer/songwriter and man of God has to hold a press conference to EXPLAIN to people WHY he wants to try a new genre of music, even if it’s only for a season.” It’s as if his announcement to do what God placed on his heart made his anointing become virtually INVISIBLE in the blink of a eye.

A Paradigm shift is a scientific term coined by Thomas Kuhn in his book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, back in 1962. He used the term to describe a change in basic assumptions… within the ruling “theory of science”, which is the complete opposite of the idea of “normal science”. In other words, think of a Paradigm shift as a change from one way of thinking to another. It’s a very logical, mental metamorphosis of sorts and is driven by a clear cut rationale based on a series of experiences. I would venture to say it is also a very spiritual  concept as well.

My paradigm shift has come as I am on my last two weeks of a three month stretch in Ethiopia. {Feel free to read the WEDNESDAYS w/ iNDIGO entries from the last few months to get caught up on this foreign journey}. One thing this trip has given me a lot of is renewed perspective and the ability to look at things differently without losing focus of what is important.

As I allow God to purify my heart, mind, and soul, I am also faced with the reality of a world that hates me, the GOD in me, and on every possible occasion will allow the enemy to use them to come up against myself and other people of God in ministry. So with that, be sure to stay tuned for Part 2 on next Wednesday, when I will go more in depth about this new chapter in my life journey.

Listen, it’s not easy to chronicle the ins & outs of my spiritual walk week to week…to be scrutinized, studied, or even praised, etc. But God saw fit to give me a testimony that is in constant motion, so I am called to be transparent in a BOLD & FABULOUS way. I pray you are blessed by my wide open journey.

*Wednesdays w/ iNDIGO*

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13 Responses to OPERATION SCRIPT FLIP, pt.1

  1. Lisa M says:

    Hallelujahhhh! I totally agree w/you. I never thought you fit into the mold of a “gospel artist”. To me, that sets limitations and false perceptions of who we truly are, which is sooo much more. God wants us to reach the world! To quote the great Lauryn Hill, “Im a rapper/actress who possibly speaks tongues”…Man termed her album as hiphop, but it was hiphop/neosoul/reggae/inspirational/contemporary/r&b.
    I don’t like saying “gospel artist” when people ask about u. So glad u touched on this.

    • Indigo says:

      Thanx for reading and commenting Lisa. We have a gig on May 21st in NJ. I’ll email y’all before the end of the week. Love u

  2. Monisha S. Carter says:

    My sister….First I MUST remind you of our lunch date the first Thursday that you return^_^ Second, about how much The Carter 5 have missed you!! & Last but NOT least OH HOW I MISS YOUR HONESTY in my ear every other day on the phone……Sis this MINISTRY today CONFIRMS why God placed us as sisters in Christ “STEPPING OUTSIDE THE BOX” “GOING RIGHT WHEN EVERONE ELSE GOES LEFT” I so admire that about you and you REMAIN IN CHRIST as you do it!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!! Continue 2 DO YOU….IN JESUS NAME OF COURSE because as WE BOTH know it’s SOOO NOT about us & it’s ALL 2 THE KING!!!!!!

    Smoooochie ~Monisha

    • Indigo says:

      No need 2 remind me. I’m SOOOOO looking fwd 2 it.
      Miss y’all 2.
      And lastly, TO THE KING my B&F sister. Thank u 4 ur camraderie and continued prayers and sincere love.

  3. Derrica White says:

    Hey … Fam.. This was a heartfelt message that the world needs to hear. The label doesn’t define you…. YOU..being the woman of GOD defines what you are and who you are through him.. Continue on your journey…You wear it so well..This is one label no matter what size, shape or form it comes in..I will rock in a heartbeat .. Love U Lady 🙂

  4. Indigo says:

    Thanx Derrica. It was definitely from the heart. It was actually on my heart last week but I didn’t post anything out of fear of how it would be received. But then, I got over it really quickly and knew I couldn’t not share what God placed upon me. Thanks so much for the compliments and love sis. Means a lot to me. And as always, I appreciate your continued support of our blogs. Prayerfully they continue to plant fertile seeds in your spirit. SMOOOOCHIEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. DJ Bam says:

    Hey babes…. Love your strength and boldness, I love how God knows exactly how and when to use you to minister to people like myself who you know get tired and burnt out and need to be ministered to @ times also… I love you for that. We have a lot to catch up on upon your return and you know without me saying it how much I miss you but more importantly how proud of you I am in your growth in Christ. I’m sure you remember the conversation we had about this very topic a while back. Keep letting Him order your steps and as you follow you can’t lose! I love you bunches, ~Bam (TheGodbroski)

    • Indigo says:

      Wow GodBroSki!!! I was SOOOOO not expecting a comment from you but I’m so pleased you decided to. I refuse to conform any longer to the standard of man. Don’t get me wrong, I believe I was classified Gospel at the right place, right time when I was. I’m not even saying that others CAN’T classify me to what they see my music as, but as for me and my house… I will praise the Lord w/ my mouth and actions, regardless of a LABEL association. Love u too.

  6. Cedric M. Stroud says:

    Thank you for sharing your perspective! Throughout the history of religious music not only in this country, but in the world, there has been debates and controversy regarding what is secular and what is not, should instruments be used in the church or not, whether a tune that had been used for drinking beer and/or dancing in nightclubs, should or should not be adapted to Gospel music. Tommy Dorsey, prominent in the development of Gospel music in the U.S. , went through it. Andre Crouch, went through it. Kirk Franklin is going through it.

    If someone is glorifying God by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music, I call it Gospel. I get confused by all the different classifications. When I copy songs from my store-bought CDs onto a blank CD to listen to in my car, it is mixed with any combination of these man-made classifications. I may have Mahalia Jackson, Tramaine Hawkins, Indigo, Yolanda Adams, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, and Vicki Yohe on the same CD. So I respect your decision and will continue to buy your CDs by whatever you call them, but it’s all Gospel to me! God bless you for your ministry and your heart for God and His people. Be strong and continue on!

    • Indigo says:

      Amen Mr. Stroud. I cn appreciate your viewpoints and you made a LOT of great points. I’m so happy that I…my music made the list w/ Yolanda, Tramaine, & Mahalia. I will continue to glorify God in all I do…including my music, by encouraging people to live their best lives on purpose, inspiring them as God is inspiring me, and sharing the HOPE God has shown me is real. If you call it Gospel, I receive and glorify God for that. I am just choosing from here on out not to classify myself any further. Thanx for reading and commenting.

  7. Shauna Ellis says:

    Hey sis…..I LOVE IT!!! I’m soooo proud to have such a good example of what a young women in CHRIST can do, and how you let the LORD guide and lead your purpose in life. I miss u and can’t wait to see you. Shauna (encouraged)

  8. simphiwe says:

    Its simzagurl who follows u on tweeter doing what u love is the best thing u can ever do so continue God is the one who should guide u ppl will always talk bt listen2 the Gentle voice of the Holy Spirit mhwwwaa!

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