As I am jet-lagged beyond belief, I only have one short point to make on this my Wednesday post. Ready? Okay…

It’s one thing to have a struggle, but another to call the darkness LIGHT.

Please marinate on that for a while. Please don’t take offense, but instead RECEIVE it. If this one simple statement speaks conviction to your heart, please repent TODAY. Contrary to what many believe, God does not turn a blind eye to our games and deceptions. He knows our hearts…YES indeedy. So He also knows that YOU KNOW BETTER & refuse to DO BETTER!!!!

We all have had something going on at some point or another… a vice , if you will. But how long do you continue to fail the same tests before admitting that you’re giving the vice more power over your life than God? Time to PASS THE TEST(s)!!!! It’s not impossible. You can do it. God says so in His word that thru Him, you are able to do all things. Don’t allow your struggle to become your habitual excuse for shutting God out of the picture and not giving Him all He is due with regards to your praise and being REAL w/ Him.

My Sister-In-Christ, Jennifer Lucy, just released her 1st book called Dried Tears. I just started reading it 2-days ago and am almost finished. Much of what she is discussing within this book is OVERCOMING and waging war against the enemy to proclaim what is yours…PEACE in Christ. I encourage all to purchase and read this book.

*Wednesdays w/ iNDIGO*

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4 Responses to WAGING WAR!

  1. I am honored that you would share this on your blog post sis. To God be all the glory! I love and appreciate you!
    Thank you!

  2. Monisha S. Carter says:

    Let’s say it TOGETHER…….WE.. ARE.. ON.. THE.. SAME.. PAGE!!!
    WOOOOOW they say great minds think alike but DANG this VERY subject has
    been on my spirit ALL WEEK. Fabulous Ministry Sis….

    THE END!!!

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