No Judgement Day Today, Eh?

This blog topic was certainly easy, given the (in)Significance of today. I’m sure many of you heard that today was supposed to be “Judgement Day” according to some radical, and obviously WRONG, fanatical “Christians”. Yes I put Christians in quotes because these people, in my strong, objective opinion DO NOT fit the definition of a Christian, by spreading rumors and lies to scare people into believing what they believe. Nonetheless, it is NOT my job to expose those who are fake, because after all God is our judge and knows our hearts, inside and out. My blog will be short and sweet, because the only message that I want to convey loud and clear for today is this:


The fanatic group tried to use the Bible as a basis for their lies about today being judgement day, but I will stand firm on the Word and counter argue any scripture they might use OUT OF CONTEXT, with one scripture that simply says “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father” Matthew 24:36 which can be cross referenced with Mark 13:32 and Acts 1:7.

My best advice for those who may have even been a LITTLE BIT worried about a possible judgement day:

1. Read the Word for YOURSELF and

2. Make sure you are ready for when the REAL judgement day comes by accepting the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, confessing your sins, and believing in HIM.


Be Blessed,

_April Christina_

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2 Responses to No Judgement Day Today, Eh?

  1. Indigo says:

    Preach sis. I remember saying, I wonder why he didn’t specify Eastern Standard time, Pacific, etc… lol. Foolery. Thanx for posting on this topic.

  2. Monisha SDOT Carter says:

    Enough said sis…….THE END!!! Haaaaaaa

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