Leaving Eddie Long’s Church: Judgment? #yourthoughts

(DISCLAIMER: B&F, nor the author, does not necessarily agree with the statements in bubbles of this clip)

Many of you may have read an earlier post of mine called Abuse in the Church…What Do You Think, which was published during the emergence of the Bishop Eddie Long allegations.  Many were quite taken aback by his first church appearance after the allegations: many thought it was manipulative, proud and arrogant.  He vehemently declared that he would fight such untrue statements, implying that he was not going to let anyone slander his name and would contest claims of pedophilia in court.  (See Eddie Long’s Church Sermon Post Allegations) The crowd screamed, hollered and cheered…and I for one thought that this was going to be one noisy affair.

To the contrary.

Recently, Eddie Long settled  with the victims for a reported $15Million to have this situation not reach the courts.  And while there is a side of me that questions why one would not want to seek justice after others claimed you molested them, the attorney side of me also understands the desire one has to just have peace in one’s home and life (which of course, still leaves the question of his innocence).  Yet, still, this post is not about Eddie.  It’s about Creflo.

Creflo Dollar, a preacher who has been criticized with his emphasis on prosperity doctrine, recently came out with the clip above.  He basically chastises members of Eddie Long’s church who left upon hearing of the scandal.  Mr. Dollar’s basic premise is that they are incorrectly judging a man and even more wrong to leave him hanging.  When I saw it earlier yesterday, I rolled my eyes and kept it moving…trying my best not to send Mr. Dollar my own personal later.  When bold&fab sis, iNDIGO sent me the clip late last night, and I viewed it for the second time, I got a little hot!  Now, I did not feel the same as one blogger I read yesterday (See “Jesus Pimps Stick Together Like…Pimps” by brainCOCOA), but there were some biblical principles that resonated in my head:

What about the accountability of those who hold themselves as teachers and preachers?

What about that small still voice that tells an individual “it is time to go!” ?

What about humility?

And daggonit, what about free-will, which our Creator so freely gave us?

I am interested in your thoughts.  I am one who always believes that if the world can talk about the church, then the church ought to talk about the church!

The Truth is under Attack!  Let’s Be Bold!

Whatchya think?


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6 Responses to Leaving Eddie Long’s Church: Judgment? #yourthoughts

  1. Indigo says:

    Thanx for posting this Ify. I’ve watched this several times and am still IN AWE of Creflo’s flagrant arrogance in this clip. Dude, how dare you BULLY someone to feel like they can’t leave their church b/c Long is ur friend. R u kidding me? So I guess, God’s voice which could be CLEARLY telling me to roll out, is not enough. Mr Dollar TRUMPS God’s word? Very arrogant…very presumptuous. He said a few things that are in fact Biblical in nature, but since he interjected HIS OWN feelings into the equation, even those points appeared to lack credibility. He’s letting emotion run the show. It’s very clear in his tone & posture. What does GOD say? smh

    • missifyjd says:

      You said it best: there are indeed some factual/biblical components. But how insulting and presumptuous that if you leave the church, you are not praying for the leader. I pray for Eddie Long. I also pray for the victims. I also pray for the people God entrusted Him to shepherd (if, indeed he was called to do so). I am still amazed and I am sure I will continue to be…

  2. Mom Dukes says:

    I agree with Indigo.. “What does GOD say? My opinion is that neither of these men have taken this scripture to heart, ” Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness.” Jas3:1. I also pray that Eddie Long has confessed his sin before the Lord, for “Whoever conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy.” Prov28:13. And Creflo Dollar…hmmmm.. let’s just say that was the first time I’ve ever witnessed one of his sermons… and last.

  3. Mary Lawler says:

    ~~Ify you are correct…this such a controversial subject. But I do agree that this is a matter for the churches to discuss.

    I believe that if the bishop is annointed, then he has a charge to keep! A covenant to live as an example (Christ did) and should have some censor over himself.

    If he really want to help deliver his members, he should humbly remove himself from leadership to show people that he is not above punishment and that he too must obey God’s laws and statutes.
    I would respect him so much more.

  4. missifyjd says:

    Thank you so much Mary…and I couldn’t agree more. God is a God of order. He does not stand for confusion, especially with Leaders because their influence affects the masses. He really needs to do some introspection as to the potential damage not just to his family and his self…but also to the body.

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