Mavs, Heat, or BoC: Whose team are YOU Playing For?

Ok so, call it what you want, but I have REALLLYY been into the NBA Finals Series, more this year than ever before. Do I have a man to impress? Nah. Do I know every nook and cranny about the game? Nope. Do I know all the players stats?? LMBO..I cant even pronounce half of the names. Do I still LOVE to watch? You better believe it!

Now let me state this much before continuing on..

Because I am from the DMV, I claim the Washington Wizards by default. And yes I will REP. However, during this years series I chose to root for the team that I felt worked hard all season and deserves a ring more than the other, appreciating the value of an older team. That team shall go unnamed until the end of this blog, so as to not turn anyone off of the message for

Watching the series this year has actually blessed me with several lessons, that I will briefly share with you and then let you go get ready for game 6!

The first lesson is this: When the stakes are high, its time to step up! Several players on BOTH teams have definitely stood out to me in this series, taking this game to a level I’ve never seen before. These men understood the seriousness of each game, and in their own moments stepped up to help their team get the job done. The high stakes of the NBA finals to each player is just the same as the high stakes of salvation for this world. We Christians, as the “players” need to STEP UP and help our team (the Body of Christ) introduce salvation and win the finals by winning souls. Even if this requires we make plays that have never been practiced or that take us out of our comfort zones, THE TIME IS NOW.

The other lesson I have learned is this: No matter what the crowd says, you have to stay focused!!
I often wondered how players could perform on such a stage that allows the audience to take part in the performance, for better or for worse. I can’t imagine playing a rival team in THEIR HOMETOWN, and having to endure the harsh criticism, insults, signs, and every other distraction used to frustrate players. What I have learned by watching the talented men in the finals is that when you are focused on the task at hand, NO ONE should be able to distract you or cause you to stray from your goal. If we keep our eyes on the prize, for both the players in the NBA and the players in the Body of Christ, we will ultimately win that “Well Done” that we seek. 

With these two key components in mind, just know that when we are drafted into the Body of Christ, it is expected that we will show up to each game, ready to win. If we had to analyze YOUR GAME, what might your stats be?? How many points per game (lives you’ve witnessed to each day) are you averaging?? How many assists? Didn’t know basketball could be so spiritual eh??

Have a blessed week and lets pray for those MAVS!!!! lol

-April Christina


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One Response to Mavs, Heat, or BoC: Whose team are YOU Playing For?

  1. missifyjd says:

    I HEART this!!! I so WISH i would have read prior to the game! But your points stand true even after. We need to be just as aggressive…whether we have home court advantage or in a strange land! Love it sis!


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