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Ode to My BFF

So, I have been SUPER CRAZY with work, my apologies B&F Fam… This week I just wanted to write something that has been long overdue, a dedication to my best friend!! She has truly been a blessing to me and … Continue reading

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Praying for the Horn

As I sit in my office, working off of 3.5 hours of sleep, I am consumed with the task at hand.  I have been working some time on organizing a conference–a summit–to address the cholera epidemic in Haiti.  While this … Continue reading

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Although I’m generally not a follower, every now and then, I jump on a bandwagon or two. Well, I have officially become a fan of a trend. Twitter has become my new thing! I joined the site a little over a … Continue reading

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My Set Place

It’s a new year for the BOLD & the FABULOUS!!! On Saturday, July 23rd we celebrated our 1 Year Anniversary and it was a HUGE success! I give God all the praise for bringing us together for this vision and … Continue reading

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A Year’s Reflection

It’s been a year!! WOW. Along this way, I’ve come across some tough times and some good times. Some days I wanted to sing, some days I just felt like crying (& did). And each time, no matter what would happen, there’d … Continue reading

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From the Beginning…

As the Bold & the Fabulous embarks on our 1 year anniversary, I’d like to take a walk down memory lane. I revisited my very first post to see how I far I’ve come as a writer, believer, and a … Continue reading

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