In Love With My Boss.

This week has been filled with ups and downs, good and bad, but above all else, blessing after blessing. I say this to emphasize the fact that GOD is awesome and infinitely loving, even though I don’t deserve His awesomeness.

I started my new job a week ago…And after my first two weeks, I realize that this position is going to take some time for me to REALLY work in excellence and perfection. In the process of me starting a new job, I have been training with a team who believes in me and wants me to succeed. Through all of my mistakes in the last two weeks, my teammates and boss especially were extremely patient and understanding, leaving me in awe that my less-than–perfect pursuits were met with such humility and forgiveness. As I reflect, I realize that God is the King of patience and forgiveness. My new job parallels my personal plight, as I have made countless mistakes in the last week, dishonoring God, and essentially myself. What I realize is that God is the ultimate BOSS, training me in His Company to be the best employee I can be. He knew when He hired me, however, that I came with a human side that would show up late to work, wear the wrong uniform, talk back, take long breaks, steal from the company, demand more pay, go on strike, and beg for the job back again. All of this and yet HE still wanted ME. I mean seriously, who wouldn’t wanna work for Jehovah Jirah? As I look back over my week, and hide from the moments where I disrespected my Boss, I am comforted in the knowledge that God won’t fire me because of His promise to me through the Blood of His Son. There’s no other company I’d rather work for. All I want is to be able to learn from my mistakes, and move up the ranks. I am working to hear “well done” from my Boss.

My absolute favorite verse of ALL TIME is Luke 2:49. This verse drives my daily life choices, and even when I make the wrong ones I am quickly reminded of whom I represent and whom I work for. I am forever going to be “About My Father’s Business” because at the end of the day, HE is the one who provides my “salary” and “benefits” that could NEVER compare to any other company. Jesus Christ is the ultimate benefit, and don’t ever forget it! I know I sort of rambled, but there’s a lot on my mind. The bottom line is this:

I may not be an all-star employee just yet, but that’s what training is for. Thank you God for training me to work in your company. 

**As a side note, my new job is working on a Recruitment Team, to bring the best and brightest college grads into teaching, and specifically in the city… I VOW to make this a LIFE career, recruiting not only in the secular, but in the spiritual.


_April Christina_

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5 Responses to In Love With My Boss.

  1. Dominique says:

    love this april! I’m thinking about grace today and about how I don’t pray for certain things because I’m like God how could You even like me after this? How could You even want me? But I’m righteous because of my faith in His Son. happy for you! 🙂

  2. Gosh! I’m so inspired as if you dont inspire me everyday to do whats right and you always keep me on the right track! This is awesome and I know because of your words of encouragement, love, and mentoring that GOD comes first always! Remember always I LOVE YOU!!!!

  3. boldandfab says:

    thank you Dominique!! And you are soooo right, we are triflin’ in our lives sometimes, lol…BUT GOD!!!
    I don’t know why He loves us so much, but Im sure glad He does. Love you girly!!

  4. Indigo says:

    I’m in LOVE with this post A.C.C. & I’m so happy ur integrating urself nicely n2 ur new gig. Big thangs poppin’ girl!!

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