Practice What You Preach…….

1 Timothy 4:12 “Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.”


 I was listening to the radio earlier this week and they were talking about how SOME believers are QUICK to point out others downfalls; however, we look at the things we do as SMALL or NORMAL. Let me give you some examples….When WE lie (No matter big or small or if it’s an exaggeration a lie is a LIE), Gossip, Steal (no matter how big or small you steal you’re a THIEF), Harbor hatred in your heart (The WORD says if you don’t forgive then God will not forgive YOU). The list could go on of sinful nature but my point is the above I named and DIDN’T NAME is SIN…….& at the beginning and end of the day SIN IS SIN….POINT BLANK!!!

As I continued to listen to the callers and their opinions, I began to think of how I know people like this including MYSELF. I began to think even DEEPER saying to myself, “I wonder how people that WE/I act like that in front of think about OUR/MY WALK with Christ that I walk around proclaiming”. The slick talk (Sly/Rude comments), the attitudes that WE/I walk around with sometimes (Getting snappy at people and being NON-APPROACHABLE or just plain NASTY SOMETIMES), The lies that are told (or exaggerating), The Gossip (talking negative about people if you have a problem with someone or what their doing and you CARE ENOUGH that it ACTUALLY bothers you TELL THEM or TELL GOD that’s the ONLY way God will began to change them STOP GOSSIPING!!!!). Being SUPER judgemental of others when WE should be looking in the mirror. Read the Book of James for “A Mirror Examination” because there are TRULY times when WE as believers DON’T Practice What We Preach

I said to myself, “That is SOOOOO NOT a good look for the Christian walk” and HOW DARE US!!!!

Has your Christian walk been a stumbling block from time to time to the Christian faith and those that are WATCHING YOU? Do you feel the duplicity (Deceit) in your life? (Saying one thing and doing another?) Are your actions speaking louder than words? But NOT the message you want to give?!?

 Take a moment & go into prayer….asking God for forgiveness and to make you ANEW….Molding you DAILY into His image. AMEN!!

We are ALL sinners SAVED BY GRACE. Today, I want to TRULY ENCOURAGE SOMEONE not to take God’s grace for granted and to strive WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT to “Practice What You Preach” and not to “Preach What You Don’t Practice”. The world is watching and MOST IMPORTANT…..God is!!! Therefore, Let’s make HIM proud by catching our tongues, controlling our emotions, and last but NOT LEAST adjusting our attitudes.

I LOVE each of you enough to HUMBLE myself & make a public commitment to God and you, that I WILL DO everything in my power (THRU CHRIST) to TRULY “Practice What I Preach”.

Enough Said……………..

John 13;34-35 “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Be Bold

Be Humble enough to admit your flaws

Be Practicing What You Preach


~Monisha Starr Carter~

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4 Responses to Practice What You Preach…….

  1. hank lloyd says:

    Be BOLD and direct in what you teach other, because what you learn from GOD’S word is true, give it to them straight from the word and you can’t go wrong, I have been a straight shooter all my life, what you see is what you get, so let the truth be told in your words to other’s, truth in the lord with all the heart and live the life of a righteous leader and then other’s will follow. Love Always DAD

    • boldandfab says:

      Thanks Dad for ALL the support you have POURED OUT. As we aproach our 1year celebration I realized I could ALWAYS
      count ON YOU to encourage me on my blogs and I just wanted to say THANK YOU DADDY!!! & Love you……

      YOU DA THE BEST!!!!!!

  2. Bobbie Patterson says:

    Well said enough to self examine myself.

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