Praying for the Horn

As I sit in my office, working off of 3.5 hours of sleep, I am consumed with the task at hand.  I have been working some time on organizing a conference–a summit–to address the cholera epidemic in Haiti.  While this discussion is not new, and I have set up meetings about it in the past, this meeting is different.  This one focuses on all the organizations that mean well, but do not collaborate with each other.  My goal is that they will all realize that the sum of their strength is stronger than their individual might.

The same is true with us as Believers.  We know that when two or three are gathered, Jesus is in the midst.  Today, I am not blogging about me or my situation.  I simply ask that you take the time to pray:

  • For the families of the 5,800 people who have already died from cholera in Haiti, and for the 800,000+ who are STILL living in tent cities while rain, violence and confusion surrounds them;
  • For the malnourished in the “Horn of Africa,” suffering the worst drought in 60 years in Somalia–struggling to get food, while dodging bullets from terrorists;
  • For the disparity that continues in America, and the economic and social gaps that continue to oppress minorities in this country due to an inequitable financial situation;
  • For our leaders of this nation that must reach a solution so that senior citizens, veterans, and the disabled may continue to receive government assistance to survive;
  • For (it’s your turn)….

Please be bold in prayer today.


(Thank you all for celebrating our one year last Saturday.  God bless you all)

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4 Responses to Praying for the Horn

  1. Indigo says:

    Tears in my eyes sis. Thanx for putting a spotlight on things that many of us forget (often b/c we choose to). It’s much easier to turn a blind eye than to deal b/c then we are faced with what more we can do. PRAYER is something we ALL have the ability to tap into and make count. Thanks for the reminder about “the forgotten”. Love u

    • missifyjd says:

      Yea, I actually stopped eating one night while watching more coverage on this. I will think twice before I say “I am starving.”

  2. boldandfab says:

    Praying!! Thanks for shedding a light on this sis. Powerful. ~ Bianca

  3. missifyjd says:

    Yes, God will show up, I’m praying.

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