Many of you know I’m back in Ethiopia performing again for a few months. For those of you who were unaware, well… I’m back in the motherland. lol. I’m here with a new band having a blast entertaining the clientele and guests of a 5-star hotel. The job easy, fun, and as follows:

4-nights a week for about 3-hours a night total (we get a 15-minute break in between), we perform Top 40 Pop cover tunes. In other words, Top 40 Pop would encompass any songs over any decade that rings familiar to anyone anywhere. So, from Whitney Houston to Michael Jackson to U2 to The Supremes to James Brown to Usher to Tina Turner, and many more…we sing songs that the average person all over the world would be able to sing along with. Well last week, we did a tribute to Michael Jackson which included a song from every era of his career. It went over with the crowd really nicely and we got a standing ovation! Within the tribute was the song, Remember The Time. For all of you who were under a rock at any point over the past 15-years and may not know this song, the lyrics to the 1st verse and hook are as follows: 

Verse: Do You Remember when We Fell In Love
We Were Young and Innocent Then
Do You Remember how It All Began
It Just Seemed Like Heaven, so Why Did It End?
Do You Remember, back In The Fall
We’d Be Together All Day Long
Do You Remember Us Holding Hands
In Each Other’s Eyes We’d Stare

Hook: Do you remember the time when we fell in love? Do you remember the time when we first met girl? Do you remember the time when we fell in love? Do you remember the time? 

The lyrics of this song were nostalgic to me. As my 15-year wedding anniversary approaches, I am starting to feel pretty sappy. So these lyrics immediately took me to when I 1st started dating and ultimately married my “Husband Guy”…my champion. Like all marriages, we’ve had our share of rough/trying times, but to counter those, we’ve had a majority of absolutely BEAUTIFUL times! I’m convinced that God created my Husband JUST 4 ME!! Thru the highs, lows, ups, & downs these years have had to offer, one thing is certain; besides God almighty, he’s the ONLY one who gets me… my moods, likes/dislikes, & never takes my quirks personally. As he grows in the Lord, he inspires me to be a better wife and a better person in general.

So in reminscing about our past, I am optimistic about our future. I am also careful to remember that no marriage works without WORK! Remembering the time when you fell in love with your spouse is critical to your present and your future. Not allowing the circumstances of today and the worries of tomorrow to rule the marriage is essential. Do not only remember the time, but take a piece of yourself from back when you first met or got married and always look to it as to how you should view one another daily.

Allow God to be your centerpiece. Allow respect to be your glue. Allow love to be your fuel. Allow your marriage to be a BOLD & FABULOUS example to the world of how able God is!!

*Wednesdays w/ iNDIGO*

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4 Responses to REMEMBER THE TIME

  1. Derrica White says:

    Awww… I love this Indigo. This was truly a heartfelt post. Love. Marriage and most importantly GOD.. Keep up the great work

    • Indigo says:

      Thanx gorgeous. I appreciate you and your continued support of our blog. Praise God for marriage & God’s plan for it to be a ministry. Love u sis.

  2. Sherrell says:

    This was a perfect read for me today on MY ANNIZERSARY!!!

  3. Indigo says:

    Happy Anniversary Sherrell. Many more to come. So glad the post could bless your heart 2day!!

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