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eat. pray. love.

It’s been two weeks since I last wrote for the blog.  And a lot has definitely transpired.  It seemed that just as one thing was winding down, another task reared its ugly head.  Planning two major international panels for one … Continue reading

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I had a conversation this week with someone who told me that she respects me a lot. Later in the same conversation, she added that my personality is intimidating and she often doesn’t communicate her feelings on certain issues to avoid conflict … Continue reading

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Rocky vs. Goliath

My constant prayer is that my hearing increases so that I am better able to discern the voice of God throughout my day. Each day I want to become more and more certain of His voice until I move without … Continue reading

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Is the World REALLY Ending??

The world is in a total uproar. Today was supposedly one of the predicted “end of the world” days. I do not believe it because man cannot predict the time (day) the world will end. When I sit back and … Continue reading

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Consider the birds…

I’ll make this short and to the point. God has given me EV ER YTHING that I have. He is a PROVIDER, in every sense of the word, which means I can rely on HIS promise that whatever I need in this human … Continue reading

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Yet again my original blog is scrapped and replaced with a current event that I deem worthy of sharing with all our readers. In case you are not aware, tomorrow an innocent man is scheduled to be put to death … Continue reading

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Dollar Dollar Bills Yall

So last week I gave a little blurb about the importance of not just knowing right, but actually doing right. I hinted that this week I would dig deeper into the idea of finances, as I briefly touched on my … Continue reading

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