Seeing is NOT always believing

This week I had something on my heart that I just could NOT make sense of until church this morning. I waited to write until I felt I had the best understanding of the Word I was supposed to bring forth, so shout out to obedience and discernment.

I hope to keep this short and sweet, as I think the point will be very straightforward. I also hope that I am not being redundant in regards to previous posts.

This week as I made my two and a half-hour commute to work, and then my two and a half-hour commute home, I noticed more than I ever have before, the commute of so many blind workers. Each day I travelled back and forth between Baltimore and D.C., I observed people with seeing eye dogs, or with walking sticks intermingling with all of the other business men and women in the everyday hustle and bustle of the work week. Now, this is not normally something that I take note of, as I’m usually too worried about making 4 different trains on time. However, this week God forced me to tune into these people with a keenness to my observations. I noticed that they used their other senses to move effortlessly through the crowd, without causing commotion or needing assistance from anyone around. 

The second thing that I will note in this piece is the fact that I struggled with my own sight this week. While I have been wearing glasses since I was five, I have never really struggled to “see”. This week, when I was reading as normal with my glasses on, I began struggling to read the print that naturally never posed as a problem. The words would become blurry and my head would start to pound as I squinted and readjusted the light to try and fix the problem. I’m not gonna front, I was a little bit scared after each night that this happened, so finally I asked God, “What are you trying to show me?”

And His reply: “I’m not showing you anything. I want you to simply listen.”

This did not fully make sense until this morning when my pastor briefly spoke about the concept of vision and then it hit me. At the start of this year I received a Word from God that this year would be a very powerful and big year in my life for the better. While I believed this, as I recount events thus far, I have not seen anything big just yet. And this is PRECISELY the problem. If I go based off of what I SEE in front of me, the enemy would have won. The things that present themselves in front of me LOOK as though I am losing when in all actuality I am holding onto that WORD. I am listening to God like I’ve never listened before, trusting that He is not like man and could never lie. What I take from this weeks events of noticing the blind and struggling with my vision is simple:

Seeing is NOT always believing, despite what we have been taught.

The Bible is FULL of verses instructing us to listen more. The Bible is also full of stories featuring blind characters. I could GO IN on the bountiful scriptures, but I’ll leave that for your discovery.

One of the things that I am doing to make sure I am able to listen is censoring what comes in. If this means giving up secular music, so be it. If this means shielding my ears from vulgar mouths, so be it. But one thing’s for sure, I am blindly listening very very closely to the One who SPEAKS, because after all God’s Word will lead me where my eyes can’t.

Be blessed,

Glasses all day lol

_April Christina_

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5 Responses to Seeing is NOT always believing

  1. Thanks April – Good Word! I believe we all can use a good dosage of these instructions … starting with me :- )

  2. Mom says:

    Guilty as charged. Great reading as usual!

  3. T. H. says:

    Our faith is deeper than what we see in the natural, well its supposed to be. I took a hiatus from visiting for about 6 months and something brought me here today to read this. Glad to see you ladies are still being faithful. I needed this word.

  4. boldandfab says:

    Thank sir!! and Mom..I promise my eyes are better : )

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