a league of my own

Before I get started, let me just say that I’ve been a bit off track these past few weeks. I wasn’t in the Word and I wasn’t making a lot of time to hear from God. I have had soooo much on my plate that I must admit, God and this blog took a backseat. I told you all from the beginning that I won’t be anything but real with you and the real deal is that I don’t always make the wisest decisions. As a result, I’m off schedule with my posts and because I didn’t properly manage my time this week, I’m not prepared to share my journal entry even today.

Key Note: The decisions you make today will affect your tomorrow and beyond.

None-the-less, I’m determined not to be disheveled or discouraged by my mishaps. Today is a new day with brand new mercies and I’m going to keep it moving. I’ll get back to my journal entries but for today I’m going to share what God shared with me on my ride to work today. It’s random but it’s God so it’s worth sharing.

The more I see women on reality shows and even those that I come in contact with on a regular basis, the more frustrated I get with how low the standards have been set. Women are so competitive. In a way it’s to be expected when you think of all the single women out here and the slim pickings of eligible men. Key word here is “eligible.” But understand that in order to compete, you must be in the same league. Since I can’t speak on behalf of every woman, I’m going to speak from my experience in hopes that you have the heart to receive this as confidence and not arrogance. I heard God say that I was original today which led me to meditate on why, so I came up with this list.

Reasons why I may be a threat:

  1. I know who I am. I deserve the best because I give my best and because of who I serve.
  2. I know what I want. The power to define is the power to fulfill. I don’t need anyone other than God to give me my purpose or assign my worth.
  3. I trust God. My trust issues are in the past. I don’t care what someone does to spite me, I’m taking care of because I’m a true believer and I live my life as so… do whatever you want, I’m protected and I always win.
  4. I truly do not care about what other people think of me. I know that my life has a purpose greater than me and I try on a daily basis to represent God in my walk. The majority of people who don’t like me, have never had a conversation with me. They hear something and run with it so I ask, why would care about that??

Notice that none of the reasons said anything about looks, the way I dress, what car I drive, how much money I make, who my man is, how many degrees I have, or who my parents are. The lesson here is that there is always someone prettier, someone with better clothes, or more money.  You can compete on those levels if you want, but you will lose eventually. I’m in a whole other league… the league where I always win because it’s based on principles and not price tags. 

You can only compete with someone who is in the same league. Little league football players are cute but they aren’t competing in the NFL! So ladies, don’t let the media define your worth. Let “Basketball NON-wives” be a source of entertainment not a lifestyle to mimic. Get in the Word, set time to hear from God, and ignore anyone that doesn’t represent what God has called you to be. No one is that important to miss out on the life that God has perfectly designed for you. So to the ladies who know that there’s no competition because when you serve God you always win… we’re in the same division. For the rest of you… play on.




Tuesdays with Bianca.

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10 Responses to a league of my own

  1. missifyjd says:

    raw. honest. just the way He wants us to be. I love it and of course I love u sis!!! stay fierce…pushing when ur “off” is the best way to get back “on”!

  2. missifyjd says:

    …and i had to give a \o/ for that last paragraph!!! BAMMMMMM!!!! Rollin’ with Christ is big leagues baby! (in my football voice)…
    Ok…that’s two comments, I’m done 🙂

  3. Kim says:

    God’s timing just don’t play!!!! This was something that I needed to read this morning!! I AM in a league of my own…not because of any worldly standard but because of God’s elevation and standard!!! I love it!

  4. rayshine4 says:

    I really enjoyed that message. Just Awesome!

  5. T. H. says:

    Amazing. The time is now for out of the box, radical, women of God. My brother just said, he knows you’ve never met, but will you please marry him? lol

  6. Jaci says:

    Alrighty then! I loved that!

  7. Kenny Palmer says:

    Awesome! I love the frankness, and rawness of this piece! It sends out a powerful and motivating message to every young and old woman out there…

  8. boldandfab says:

    AHH MAAA Zingggg

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