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Say it with your actions

I have so much on my mind this evening that as I type, I’m not even sure what will come of it. This is the feeling my pastor must have felt this past Sunday as he shared how he had … Continue reading

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“Man is the Master of His OWN Destiny!!”

I was sitting in Organic just 15 minutes ago and during the class as we reviewed molecular nomenclature and bond lines and breaking bonds and all that stuff for our first test on Wednesday, I was thinking. You know that infamous … Continue reading

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If you know right, then DO right.

One of the most eye-opening revelations about being a Christian that I have learned thus far in my walk is that at the end of the day, I did NOT choose Christ, but rather HE CHOSE ME. Ephesians 1:4 says … Continue reading

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If I Ruled the World: Commentary on “The Throne” & Hip Hop (…i’m going in)

1996.  15yrs of age.  10th grade.  Ewing High School.  Academic jock bopping to everything on the radio–if there was a song, no one (and I mean NO ONE) heard it before moi!  I mean, I was that chick who mastered … Continue reading

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So cool to get to blog on my wedding anniversary! Unfortunately, I don’t have much to say tho. Although its a very public celebratory kind of day, I will save my deepest thoughts and sentiments for the man who has been … Continue reading

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a league of my own

Before I get started, let me just say that I’ve been a bit off track these past few weeks. I wasn’t in the Word and I wasn’t making a lot of time to hear from God. I have had soooo … Continue reading

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Seeing is NOT always believing

This week I had something on my heart that I just could NOT make sense of until church this morning. I waited to write until I felt I had the best understanding of the Word I was supposed to bring … Continue reading

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