Watch Your Mouth.

I got into an interesting debate with someone last night over whether or not God is real. This young man so boldly proclaimed, “you don’t want to debate with me. I’ll have you questioning your own beliefs”.  Uh, yea, I guess he’s never spoken with a ride or die follower of Christ, because at this point in my life NO ONE can shake my faith. This person’s main argument was that he does not believe in God because of the “inconsistencies” that exist in the Bible. While this could have been a difficult conversation to navigate had he referenced and supported his argument with sensible scriptures, he did not quite know the Word, which resulted in me dismissing most of his argument. I did NOT dismiss his salvation however. Why not? Well because part of me felt like I would be held accountable for not trying. While the Bible tells us not to argue with fools (Proverbs 26:4), it also instructs us to spread the Gospel. I love Matthew 28:19 which says “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”.

I think what made this conversation a bit more frustrating was the fact that this person continued to reference pieces and emotions from conversations he has had with other Christians. Without relenting, he would ask, “are you gonna condemn me to hell like the others I have talked to?” This upset me because I couldn’t understand what kind of Christians he was talking to that would take such an approach as to “condemn” anyone to hell. While I do believe in keeping it real when it comes to salvation, I also think there is a certain way we approach non-believers. After all, Jesus is the BEST example we have of how to deal with this kind of folk. No matter how much I tried to take on a more loving approach, this young man could not move past what other Christians told him, so eventually I stopped pressing it.

From this, I guess I took one thing away:

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, PLEASE BE CAREFUL what you say to the unbeliever. You WILL be held accountable.


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