God has to be a Floyd Mayweather fan!

I’m not a huge boxing fan but I know greatness when I see it and Floyd Mayweather is a force to be reckon with. A friend of mine shared a link with me a few weeks ago and would you believe that I received a Word from it? God truly uses anything and everything to get your attention!

The video was of Mayweather and his Uncle Roger sparring in the ring to show of Mayweather’s timing and speed. Admittingly, the first thought was “Wow, that’s sexy!” But immediately after, God used it as a demonstration of how we ought to use our faith in times of adversity. Mayweather’s speed and incredible instinct allowed him to counter every blow that his uncle threw his way. Every time a hand came against him, his hand was there to block its force. His uncle’s hands were coming like the speed of lightening but no matter what angle he tried to attack, Mayweather had an answer for it.

Check out the video below before reading on. Warning, there is a curse word at the beginning  so if you’d like to skip it you can move the marker to :30. My apologies in advance if anyone is offended but the overall message is powerful.

As I studied the video, Mayweather was always in position. There were a sea of people around the ring taking pictures and recording video but he was focused on the target. Although those things are essential to his craft, intense training is what allows him to make it look so effortless. I could have the same position, with the same focus, and get knocked on butt every time because I’ve never trained to be a professional boxer.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how we have to be at all times in order to have the kind of faith that looks effortless to outsiders. When the attacks of the enemy comes we won’t always know what angle he will take. It could be in our finances, in our marriage, in our career, in our health… who knows, but guess what, it doesn’t matter because we are constantly holding our stance. We are always in position to defeat him. We are not distracted by our circumstance, situations, or outside distractions that are out of the will of God. We are focused on what the Word says. We are focused on battling those evil thoughts that are promised to come our way. As we train ourselves in the Word to show ourselve approved, our instincts grow. Our hearing grows. Our relationship with God and Holy Spirit grows so that we are not moved or shaken by whatever attacks come our way.

Mayweather’s hands represent the power of the Word of God when we have knowledge of it.

Uncle Roger’s hands represent the attacks of the enemy, the negative thoughts, the health scares, the debt, the unemployment… FEAR!

Believers, it’s time to get our Mayweather on!




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4 Responses to God has to be a Floyd Mayweather fan!

  1. L. Raines says:

    Yes that WAS Bold and Fabulous! I love how you found a Word in the sparring match!! Great post B!!

  2. Indigo says:

    Yes indeedy. I’m in the ring daily. I’ve noticed that over time, the enemy’s tricks and attacks come less and less, but when they do show up, they are more brazen and bold tactics. So, we gotta go like Mayweather’s hands…always keeping the guards up and countering when the time is right. Staying focused in this walk is a key ingredient for sure. Thanx for allowing God to use you this way. Great video selection as well.

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