Last weekend, my mother had the released her very first book, The Gathering Place: Ordinary Women; Extraordinary Lives. I was not physically able to be at the book signing since I’m still in Africa, but I e-mailed my mom the night before to asked her if I could pray with her by phone before the event started. She thanked me for the suggestion and said yes! So on the day of her event, I called her and she went into a private room so we could pray. Before I started to pray, I made small talk with her b/c Holy Spirit was telling me something needed to be released from her, but I didn’t know what. Then during the conversation she says, “I have to go over to the venue to help move everything inside. It was supposed to be outdoors but the forecast is calling for rain. I’m really hoping that doesn’t affect the attendance.” The rest of what she said is a blur because right then and there, I felt God leading me how to pray with her. I don’t remember the prayer verbatim, but I do remember how powerful it was. God moved so beautifully. I felt Him molding every word I spoke like clay, to minister to her anxiety, her doubts, her fears.
Listen, when God gives us an assignment and we follow through with it, He makes the runway clear for us to have a smooth take-off and landing. Yes the event had to be moved inside. Yes it poured down raining w/ no sunshine & was actually cold that day. But the biggest YES is that Jesus is still Lord. He would never bring you so far to leave you. There is so much to tell about how her book even came into being, but I’m not writing this to promote my mom’s book. I haven’t even read it yet. But the bottom line is that none of the things we consider stumbling blocks is an issue for our omnipotent God. He gave you an assignment that took you literally YEARS to build from the ground up. You finish and think He’s going to abandon you? No way. That’s not the God we serve.
The enemy plays games. He looks for dents in our armor to try penetrating to make us doubt God. Not only did my moms release have more people than RSVP’d, she sold clean out of books that day! She had to do a re-order from her Publisher immediately! Everything we prayed for in our prayer…everything she had been praying for all those years, was coming to fruition and no devil had the power to alter what God had planned for that day, her book, or the amount of people it is meant to touch.
I want to encourage someone today, to #1: Finish what you start! #2: Heed the voice of God to make sure that’s EXACTLY the assignment you’re supposed to be working on. #3: Trust God always, but once you are clear about the answer He’s given, please don’t 2nd guess. #4: Disregard doubt. You already have your pre-approval. Keep it moving and don’t look back. #5: Once you’re in the home stretch, forge ahead. This is often the time when the enemy attacks hardest. #6: Seek spiritual guidance. You don’t have to walk it out alone. #7: Never be too proud to ask for intercession. Having someone pray FOR you is great. Having someone pray WITH you is also. #7: Once you’ve birthed whatever it is, don’t drop the ball. Work fervently to make sure it is seen/heard. God will provide the increase, but He won’t do all the work for you. If you believe in God, you’ll believe in what His purpose for you and you will want to see it thriving.
Give God Glory. Congrats to my mom for seeing a dream come true; and shout outs to everyone who presses on full-steam ahead with the things God has placed on their hearts.
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7 Responses to RECEIVE. BELIEVE!

  1. K P says:

    Congrats to your Mom on her new and successful book!! And congrats to you for bring obedient and diligent in your prayer for her!


  2. Tina Anderson says:

    So happy and proud of both of you!!

    God is definitely an awesome God..

  3. As I enter week four since my extraordinary book release celebration and gratitude party, I felt compelled to read my daughter’s Bold and Fab entry about it again. I’m reading it again to remind me whether I’m staying on track. Yes, the book has released. Now I must continue to surrender myself to the kaleidoscope of ideas the holy spirit is continually sending me to get the book into the thousands of hands that await it. As the ideas come, I try to listen to them over the noise of my daily existence, and unlike so many times in my life, I don’t procrastinate, but take at least on step toward the idea immediately. I have found that birthing a God-given purpose is not the end; it’s only the beginning. So I have to be careful to keep pressing toward whatever’s next. As Indigo said in her post–“. . . don’t drop the ball. Work fervently to make sure it is seen/heard. God will provide the increase, but He won’t do all the work for you.” When you say “Yes!” to a God-inspired task, it will be less difficult when you can listen and obey. Keep in the flow, and get ready for the ride! My quote for today: “With God, there are no ordinary moments; there are only extraordinary ones.” Thank you again daughter. I love you!

  4. Wanda Crawford says:

    Your precious Mother is an Ordinary Women living an Extraordinary Life, with an Ordinary and Extraordinary Daughter. To God be the Glory and may Christ manifest in you both as you go out into the world and touch so many lives. So many times we fail to see a person for what they really are, this book will touch many lives and leave many good memories in each heart. God Bless!

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